Sinclair DNA - Why the Minimum 25-Marker Test

There are 4 tests you can do to get started. But not for this project. Here there are only three -

The 25-marker and the 37-marker and the 67-marker. We do not allow participation with just the 12-marker test. It simply does not give us the more recent results that we need for this project. If you want to do the 12-marker after reading this page, please find another project to join. Soon, we will begin to request a minimum of the 37-marker test. 

Think of DNA testing as different resolutions on a TV screen. The more dots per inch the more clear the picture. This is especially true after the last ice age. The 12-marker  test can tell you if you're from Europe near the last ice age; not of much use to modern genealogists. The 25-marker test gives much more clarity to genealogy work in the time periods most of us are interested in.

If you want super clarity, consider the 37-marker test. Steve ordered it to clear up some questions in the 1800's. If your interest is any time between the last ice age and the 1700's, the 25-marker test will suffice.

The National Geographic Society just launched a project requiring 12-marker tests and allowing participants to remain completely anonymous. Their goal is to learn the larger migratory patterns of the human population over the past million or so years. We are not such a project. We have methods for allowing you to remain anonymous, but you must test at least 25 Markers. 

Just recently I was looking at new markers for our DYS390=23 Haplogroup. You'll notice the new L48 information in the U106 STR and was once again upset to learn so few have tested. The reason is that there is a marker on the 67-Marker test that is popping up on 95% of those tested U106+. If you''re S21+ and have a DYS492=13, then we can begin to know a little more about your ancient ancestors' geography. If you show a 12 on that allele, we know other things about the geography. SNP testing is critical to prove this definitively and, even then, it doesn't pin down a date for your ancestors in that geography yet, but that will be figured out soon.  

The point is this, try to keep upgrading your markers or at least get someone in your lineage to upgrade. If you're matching them exactly on the 37 or 67-marker test, chances are you can put off the SNP test and save a few dollars.

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