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Sinclair DNA - The Application to Join

Joining the Sinclair DNA project is quite easy. Follow these simple instructions, then I'll email you a step-by-step guide for ordering the test kit from Family Tree DNA. The members of the family who help to run this site and analyse the results do so on a voluntary basis. Family Tree DNA charges for the test. This is the only fee required for fully understanding your genealogy via DNA testing. 


  • Copy and paste the Participation Agreement (below) in an email and send it to me at St. Clair Research
  • Print this page and sign as indicated in the Information Release and the Release of Liability/Liability Waiver.
  • Send the signed pages via postal mail to me (I'll send you the address via return email).
  • Follow the link I send you via email to purchase your kit through Family Tree DNA (credit card or invoice).
  • Receive your kit in the mail, collect two samples and return it to FTDNA.
  • Wait 4-6 weeks for results. You can check the progress of the testing at the FTDNA website.
  • FTDNA will send you your test results; the project will also get copy of the test results and they will be added to the St. Clair Research Results Page per your agreement directives below.
  • Participation Agreement

    I have read the description of the St. Clair Surname Y-DNA Project described on the website located at and I would like to participate. I understand that there may be more than one family line identified and there is no guarantee that my results will connect to any other participant.

    I am willing to pay for the analysis of my DNA sample or I have arranged for a sponsorship.

    I agree to release my project code number, ancestors' names, ancestors' chronology, ancestors' locations, and DNA markers for publication on the St. Clair Surname Y-DNA Project web pages. No information concerning my identity may be published or released without my written permission.

    I have read the Information Release and I will send a signed copy of the Release via postal Mail. I understand that submitting my pedigree is optional and that I can submit it via email or postal Mail at anytime after I've joined the project. The pedigree will serve as a reference for the Project Administrator. My pedigree will not be published or released without my written permission.

    I have read the Release of Liability/Liability Waiver and agree that by participating in this project I am releasing St. Clair Research, Stephen R. St. Clair, of any legal issue which may arise out of my participation. I will send a signed and witnessed copy of the Release via US Mail

    Information Release

    I agree to release the following personal information for publication by St. Clair Research's Surname Y-DNA Project Administrator:

        You may publish any pedigree I submit to you (living persons will be removed)
        You may publish my email address
        You may publish my name
        You may publish my mailing address
        You may publish my phone number
        In the future, email from me will be sufficent to grant any of these or other permissions

    Full Name (include middle name)
    FTDNA Participant ID# (if known)
    E-mail Address
    Mailing Street Address (include any apartment number)
    Telephone Number (optional)
    _____________________________________________________   ________________________
    Signature                                                                                  Date

    Release of Liability/Liability Waiver

    FOR GOOD CONSIDERATION, the undersigned jointly and severally forever release and discharge Stephen R. St. Clair from any and all claims, liabilities, judgments, and proceedings, both at law and in equity, arising from my participation in St. Clair Research's Surname Y-DNA Project.

    This release shall be binding upon and inure to the benefit of the parties, their successors, assigns and personal representatives.

    Signed this day of __________________, 20___.

    Print Name


    In the presence of:

    Print Witness Name

    Witness Signature

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