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Sinclair DNA - Largest DNA Database for St Clair Family

Having a large database matters a great deal in a family DNA study. Since 2004, with help from many others in the project, we've worked at building up the available data to better understand our family origins, connections and divisions. So far, 174 family members have trusted us with their data and, as a result, we've been able to tell them a great deal about their genealogy and their ancestors' path through time.

The Sinclair DNA study is in the middle of a worldwide recruiting effort to make our study even larger. Through email, "snail mail" and social media, we're attracting even more folks who will provide us with enough data points to continue to shed light on our complex family.

On our homepage, you likely noticed the Facebook icon. In less than a week, we've exceeded 180 "Likes."  Many of them are St. Clair family members I've never seen before. Several of those have contacted me via email and are preparing to test.

Not Just Our Database

Early on, Stan and I made the decision to go with Family Tree DNA as our testing lab for the same reason - they had the largest database. Now, as of January 13, 2011, the Family Tree DNA database has 319,600 records. This is also important to our family study as we've been able to compare our members to other families. This has led to interesting connections to families with similar involvement in European history, like possible Templar connections. If the database at FTDNA weren't as large, we wouldn't know as much.

The tools that FTDNA makes available to users are quite powerful. You'll see other families you match, and you can contact them via email. You'll see calculators that will tell you how far back you share a common ancestor with those you're closely matching. And we group administrators have even more powerful tools we can aim at your data to give us probabilities of connections and group matching.

References Available Upon Request

One of the joys of genealogy work is the people you meet along the way. We've made a lot of great friends by helping them with their genealogy using genetics. So if you have any questions about how St. Clair Research will handle your data, please contact us for references. We know 174 people you can have a talk with.

If you or someone you know are a Sinclair, read through more of the website and please consider signing up. The process is quite easy. You'll learn all about the path of your ancestors and you'll have a good idea how you fit into our history. 

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