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Letter from the 1st Lord Rosslyn Letters
Wedderburn Papers

James Grant to Hon James Wemyss

(caps, punctuation is accurate)

Halifax 4th June 1776

My Dear (Sir)

I had the Pleasure to recieve Your letter of the 21st February, very lately, this is the first opportunity which I have had of writing since that time, I was happy to hear that Lady Betty and all your Family were well, impute my Silence to having nothing pleasing to write upon + for the moment I laid aside thoughts of that I took up the Pen.

You may believe I was much affected with the Death of my Friend Scott. we lived in great Intimacy for two + thirty years. I was heartily sorry that he unluckily happened to differ with You if I had been at home, I think that would not have been the Case. I thought the opposite Interest to you in the County. was supported by Scott only, and was surprised to find that you had been run so hard I am glad you carried it _ it surely was bad Policy in Wedderburn to attack the St. Clair Family_

I declare I have never received the two letters which Capt. Sutherland says I neglected to answer, I thought myself much obliged to him and the little Woman at the time of our ( ), and tho' I durst not send her a Piece of Plate which I mentioned to you, I left Directions for it in case an accident should happen to me in this Yankee Squable.

I send You enclosed the Commission for (Siebercross's) Son, Genl Howe will not give up that Point to Lord Barrington. The Young Gentleman is an Ensign in the 40th Regt. at this hour. The General has not filled up vacancies which have since happened to make Room for the supernumeraries who were (made) at home, but Mr. Sutherland will take Rank + receive Pay from the Date of his Commission

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The Yankees have given way in Canada. General (Carleton) has had his Difficulties but he has now an easy Game to Play. An Attack from that Quarter will (Distrup) + Disconcert the Rebels (exceedingly). a few Scalps Taken by Indians + Canadians would operate more upon th eminds of those deluded distracted People than any other Loss they can sustain. General Burgoyne was within sixty Leagues of Quebec on the 22nd of May. that Army is now at least as numerous as ours, for we have not yet been joined by any of the Reinforcements from Europe but the Troops are embarded and we shall sail in a few Days at Head Quarters they say Tomorrow. I cannot at present risk an Opinion about our operations. when they begin tis to be hoped they will be carried on with vigor + ( ). for the State of Languor of last Year, was intolerable, tho' it could not be avoided.

Regt. and Rank came newrly at the same time, the money of no great Use here, fo 'tis not in my Power to increase my Expence I kept as good a Table from the Day I landed, as I could contrive (to do), a constant Dinner for eight or (ten) + Wine in Plenty. Port-(Starch)- and Madeira go (off) fast enough, and now we must get into Hock, to put + keep the Hessians in good Humor This Army is healthy, + very well inclined to make an Example of the Yankee Rebells_but I am afraid the Foreigners at first will be sickly. that comonly happens upon the Arrival of Troops from Europe Best Respects + wishes attend Lady Betty-+ all the Family + (Turn) with great (Truth) My Dear (Sir) every yours While
James Grant