Loudoun County, VA Will Book "A" page 59 (1757-1771)

In the name of God Amen. I Wayman Sinckler Senr of the Parish of Cameron and County of of Loudoun being weak of body but of Perfect sence and Memory do make my last Will and Testament in manner and form following (that is to say) First and priccipally I cammend my Soul to Almighty God hopeing for his mercy in the permission of all my Sins through the merits of Jesus Christ my only Mediator and Redeemer and advocate and my Body to be Buried at the discretion of my Exors. hereafter named and for such Estate as it hath pleased God to favour me with I dispose thereof as followeth viz.

My Will is that all of my Land in Prince William County with so much of the Rest of my Personal Estate be sold by my Exors. in Order to discharge all my Debts as shall be sufficient to discharge the same...

Item I leave all the rest of my said Estate tobe equally divided amonust all my children Viz... Alexander, Isaac, Robert, Mary, George, Wayman and Elizabeth Sinckler that is to say to be equally divided among them when the youngest of them surviving shall arrive to the Age of Sixteen years which child is now eight years of age and further my Will is that the said Remainder of my said Estate remain in the hands of my said Exors in Order to raise and School &e. my said children until the said time of their coming of Age to be eexpired...

I do hereby consittute and appoint my Loving Wife Hester Sinckler and my friend Bridger Haynie with my brother John Sinckler Exors. of this last Will and Testament. In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and Seal this 12th day of April Anno Domini 1762.

Sealed and Acknowledged Waman Sinckler (LS)
in Presence of
Russell Wilson
George Jordan
Ann Jordon X her mark

At a Court held for Loudoun County July the 13th 1762, This Will was proved by the Oaths of Russell Wilson, George Jordon and Ann Jordan the Witnesses thereto and is Ordered to be Recorded And on the Motion of Hester Sinckler and Bridger Haynie two of the Executors therein named who made Oath according to Law Certificate is granted them for Obtaining a Probat therof in the due from giving Security Whereupon they together with James Gent, their Security entered into and acknowledged their Bond in the Penalty of five hundred Pounds with Condition with Condition as the Law directs... And Liberty is reserved to John Sinckler the other Executor therein named to Join in the Probat thereof when he shall think fit.

Ordreed that Nathaniel Grigsby, Burr Harrison, Enoch Grigsby and John... or any three thereof being fjirst sworn before a Justice of this County do Appraise in Current Money the Slaves and personal Estate of Wayman Sinckler and return the Appraisment to the Court.

Loudoun County, VIrginia Will Book "A", page 64

In obedience to an Order of Loudoun County, July 1762, we the subscribers being first sworn before Capt. James______ one of his Majesties Justices for the said County do value and appraise the Estate of Wayman Sinckler dec'd as followeth.

To 9 Sheep @ 5/62.9.6
To 1 Black Cow and Calf 1.12.0
To 1 Red Cow and Calf 2.0.0
To 1 Red Yearling 0.12.0
To 1 Bay Mare 2.10.0
To 6 Geese @ 1/60.9.0
To 1 old Table and 1/2 Dozen old Chairs 0.8.6
To 1 Jug and a parcel of old Lumber 0.3.0
To 1 pr Steelyards 0.12.0
To 2 Iron Potts amd hooks and one Fryingpan 0.10.0
To a parcel of old Wooden ware 0.4.6
To 1 handsaw a parcel of old Lumber 0.15.6
To 1 old Saddle and two old Bells 0.12.0
To 1 old Linen Wheel 0.5.0
To 1 Broad hoe 0.2.6
To 1 Bed and furniture 6.0.0
To 1 Ditto 4.13.0
To 1 Ditto 3.10.0
To 1 old Flock Bed 0.10.0
To 10 lb Wool @ 1/0.10.0
To 1 Looking Glass and Towell 0.2.0
To Cloth and Trimming for a Sail Close (?) 4.5.0
To 1 hone and Razor 0.2.6
To 1 old Trunk and a parcel of Books 0.3.0

Page 65
To 2 Iron Widgers (?) 0.5.0
To 3 Beehives @ 5/0.15.0
To 1 Negro Man named Will 70.0.0
To 1 Negro Man named Jack 7.0.0
To 1 Negro Boy named Ned 60.0.0
To 1 Negro Woman named Jenny 25.0.0
one Cow 2.0.0
To 2 Yearlings 0.18.0
To 2 Sows 1.0.0
To 2 old Tubs (?) 0.1.3
To 1 old Wheel 0.2.6
To a parcel of old Lumber 0.4.0

Enoch Grigsby
Nathaniel Grigsby
John Flyer

At a Court continued and held for Loudoun County September the 16th 1762
this Inventory and Appraisment was returned into Court & is Ordered to be
Cha. Binns Cl Cur


Will Book "A" page 59


Wamans's orphan children given into the care of their grandmother, Mary Shirley. According to what Jean Grigsby told me, Waymans children were farmed out to Quaker families, thus their marriages were recorded in the Enclclopedia of Quaker Genealogy.

Wayman was baptized at Detinger Parish, Prince William Co., Virginia. In 1740, he and his son, Robert are listed as tithers (tax payers to England) in Prince William Co.

Public Records, phone conversation with Jean Grigsby, and The Encyclopedia of Quaker Genealogy

NOTE: Wayman is a documented son of Alexander in the 1724 "Tenders of Tobacco in Overwharton Parish" Stafford Co., Virginia

According to Rob Goff, he has discovered records indicating that Wayman was fluent in German.