Alison regarding the taxi driver who mentioned Wayman Sinclairs in Caithness - Hmmm, I think that taxi driver may have been winding someone up. I've just checked out the electoral roles for the UK and come up with the following:- Wayman Sinclairs nil Wayman-Sinclair nil, and Sinclair-Wayman nil, only the following double-barrel names Wayman-Firth Wayman-Hales Wayman-Harris Wayman-Scarlett In Scotland I found the following Waymans: 2 in Ayrshire 2 in Berwick-upon-Tweed 1 in St Andrews 1 in Edinburgh 2 in Glasgow In England there are about 33 around the Gloucester/Cheltenham area and 6 in Hampshire. Taking Wayman as a first name, there are three in the UK. All that information came from the UK info disk 2002. If you wanted to check it out further the information is online at I also checked in the Highland area telephone directory which covers Caithness and found one Wayman in Inverness. Tomorrow I'm in New Register House in Edinburgh so will double-check on the bdm data base there. At the moment my instincts are telling me it is an English name, but I could be wrong! Will get back to you soon. Alison