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This is a list, apparently created in Scotland, Glasgow probably, showing those importers and how much they imported and subsequently exported. Apparently, in many cases, they didn't even "spin" the tobacco. They simply brought it over to Glasgow, then turned around and traded it to France, Denmark, etc.

The document was two-sided... 1770 on one side, 1771 on other. I shot it first at top, then at bottom. They would not let me use a flash, so it's a bit dark. I also did not have time to fully transcribe it, but will do that at a later date if we deem it necessary.

Remember from the Bogle papers that 1771 was a terrible year for Tobacco growth in Virginia with flooding. The Cunningham papers also go into depth about this year. The amounts that the Bogles were transporting seems very small. However, we know from their papers that they persued other revenue streams by this point like sugar.

These are difficult to read, but using photoshop, I'll retouch them over the weekend to make them more readable.

I think the importers names may prove useful later for us.

Top of 1770 side

Bottom of 1770 side

Top of 1771 side

Bottom of 1771 side