> Here's Alison's report on the wills - Look for Jean's comments 
after some of these. 
> OK wills.  Hard reading as they are all on microfilm and are getting
> more difficult to read as I go back in time.  I'll just list the main names
> found in each one so far.
> John Scott 22/1/1765 merchant in Glasgow
> CC9/7/65 folio 244
> No 4 Testament Dative (ie intestate, executors appointed)
> Widow, Jean Armour
> Robert Mackie, merchant in Glasgow
> Witnesses, James Wilson, writer (solicitor) in Glasgow, William Baird
> John Scott 4/3/1742 Minister in Glasgow
> CC9/7/57 folio 76
> No 18 Testament Dative
> Peter Scott, Minister of Paisley
> Witnesses, James Craig, indweller in Paisley, James Adam
> Robert Bogle 13/12/1734 merchant in Glasgow
> CC9/7/54 folio 488
> No 51 Testament Testamentar (ie testate)
> Sole executor, George Bogle jnr merchant in Glasgow, eldest lawful son
> James Fullarton of Greenhall, ?Wallace Graham of ?Kilmardinny, Ralph
> Fairly, James Forbes, James Duke of Montrose, John Sehan?Jehan of Greenock,
> Charles Cathcart, William McDowall of Castle Semple, David Henderson, John
> Corsbie,
Jean - "INTERESTING:  Isaac & Letitia's branch married into the McDowell family."

> Andrew Murray.
> Elizabeth Graham, John Bogle merchant in Glasgow, Laurence Scott
> merchant in Glasgow.
Jean - "INTERESTING:  Grahams, & Scotts"

> William & George Bogle to be tutors & executors to the younger children,
> John, Robert, Elizabeth, Agnes, & ?Roberta/Rebecca Bogle.
> Matthew Bogle
> Witnesses, John Wardrope, James Johnston.
> Robert Bogle 2/7/1736 merchant in Glasgow
> CC9/7/55 folio 30
> No 45 Testament Dative
> John Stark, Henry Ramsay, Thomas Zuill/Yuill of Dalkeith merchant in
> Glasgow

Jean - "INTERESTING:  Don't forget the Sinclair in Fauquier who married the
Zuill/Zwill.  Do you have that info?  If not let me know and I'll dig it up."

> Robert Bogle eldest lawful son of deceased Robert Bogle & George Bogle
> the
> elder, merchant in Glasgow.
> Mary Douglas 26/1/1726
> CC9/7/52 folio 360
> No 7 Testament Dative
> Husband thomas Crauford of Crivock
> James Douglas, grandson of John Douglas
> Barbara Jackson, Mary & Margaret Douglas, Robert Bogle jnr, merchant in
> Glasgow
> Hugh Crawford.
> And, yes, Douglas is down in Lanarkshire

There was a Thomas Crawford in the Prince William/Fauquier County area.
There is a Thomas Crawford St. Clair in one of our branches.  There was also
a Thomas Crawford in Botetourt County.  The Douglas family also lived in
this same area of Virginia.  Do you have the history of the Douglas family
that married into our branch.  It has been traced and documented back to
France in early early times."

So 5 down and 8 to go, and I will try and get back to them at the end of
this coming week.  These are the most modern ones written in roman
The remaining ones are 17th C Scottish secretary hand so are going to
take a little longer.  They are quite difficult so I may only be able to do a
few at a time.

Nothing much out of them so far, obviously Robert Bogle's is more
detailed because he drew it up before he died.  However I would imagine if
alexander himself is going to get a direct mention it may be in one of the late
17thC ones
I have also checked the Aberdeen and St Andrews university records but
no Alexander of the correct date.  Have not managed to get hold of records
for Edinburgh and Glasgow going far enough back yet.