Dear Steve,

I spent Weds. and Thursday at The William L Clements Library going through the three volumes of Wedderburn Is Earl of Rosslyn papers. The first volume which was the oldest papers in the collection. There were letters to Alexander from his brother David Wedderburn, he wrote about his travels from The Florida's to the Islands and the conditions in the Islands. I did find one letter from James Grant 1720-1806 to Hon. James Wemyss June 4 1776. Mention his friend Scott who had died and about a attack on the St. Clair family, no mention on St. Clair family place of residence or first names. I had this copies and will send it to you.

Other than this one letter I found no mention of any of the names in the material you sent. In fact there was only a few reference's to Scotland or Virginia.

Volume Two was about the Revolutionary War and Boston Tea Party. Third volume was drafts, minutes of meeting of commission appointed to handle the affairs of the Revolution.