Managed to get to the historical society between swim practices. I hope to follow this with a visit to the Filson Club in Louisville tommorrow.

The John Scott noncupative will I mentioned was in Surry County, Virginia. Apparently, John Scott or a relative was active in the county as early as 1665 as Captain John Scott, Esq. In 1671, there is a letter from John Scott to William Sherwood regarding a hogshead of bread, which John Scott will pay for when he arrives in the country. It is important to note that the Holyhill/ Smithfield, Isle of Wight/ Gloucester Sinclairs are related to the Sherwood family. The will of John Dobe, 15 Aug 1722, was witnessed by a John Scott Sr. And John Scott, Jr.

In 1706, Robert Lawrence of Isle of Wight, bordering Surry, sold 150 acres to Robert Crawford of Lawne's Creek Parish, Surry County. George Carter, son of William Carter and Alice Croxon of Surry County and London had a daughter, Elizabet, who married Robert Crawford. Remember we have a Carter marriage too. Their son, Carter Crawford married Sarah Swann, daughter of Matthew Swann. The Crawfords are apparently descended from a younger son of the Earl of Crawford. A Sir William Crawford of Mongeham seems to be a relative. More to come. Rob