James Bogle, 3/2/1685
George Campbell, James Campbell, Robert Bogle, Cpt. John McWrath?, Janet Alexander, Margaret Miller, Thomas McCuir, Abraham Wilson/Watson

John Scott, 23/11/1682
Jo(h)n Jo(h)nson, David Fullarton, Joanne Graham. Several names at bottom of page unreadable, probably the witnesses.

John Bogle, 27/11/1630
Illegible as ink from back of page had soaked right through.

John Bogle, 16/11/1642
Too feint to read

John Bogle, 22/2/1659
James Bogle, merchant of Glasgow, James Campbell, Alexander Gibsonne

John Bogle, 24/2/1664
James Fairbairn in Hamilton, John Morgan? maltman in Glasgow, Margaret ?

The remaining ones, 1672 to 1683, I am having a few problems with on both the microfilm and digital copies. The system seems to break down with large gaps between the years. However, somebody has indexed them so they must be there somewhere. It's a case of working through the names in the margins. While I was doing this I came across the following
Alexander Sinclair in Maynes of M?, May 1683
Only mentioned his wife, Margaret Wylie, unfortunately no children.

When places have been named in the wills they have always been fairly local, ie around Glasgow. Perhaps it was just too much hassle leaving anything to people not in the country. I once did some work for someone in Canada; his ancestors were left quite a lot of money in Scotland but they would have had to come back and collect it themselves, and just couldn't face crossing the Atlantic two more times!

William Cunningham & Co
You have no idea how many William Cunningham's have papers lodged in the NAS, but eventually we found him! Yes all the material is here, the one letterbook returned to the owner is copied onto microfilm. I think you might be a bit disappointed in the dates though. Here is a list of the material:

GD247 Cunningham of Lainshaw
Box 58
Bundle O
Two letterbooks of WC & Co., tobacco merchants, Glasgow, including many letters from America and the West Indies, 1767-1773 & 1772-1774

Bundle P
As above, 1770-1786

Box 59
Bundle Q
As above, 1761-1789

Bundle R
Certified copy of deposition in suit at instance of WC in Virginia in 1767

Bundle S
Indenture for sale by Gavin Hamilton to WC for his share in contract of co-partner in WC & Co., 1798

Will try to get those last three wills sorted but will not do anything on WC until you let me know what you think.