Recent research in Prince William County, Bull Run branch of Library.

Fun note -
The Loyalty of Glasgow, which I suspect is the same ship as our Loyalty, was captured by pirates before 1720.
"Loyalty of Glasgow, Mungo Graham, fr. the Clyde to Guinea and Va. but captured by pirates before 1720."
source - Ships from Scotland to America, 1628-1828, Vol. 2.

Wayman and Young families are among those covered in B.C. Holtzclaw's "Ancestry and Descendants of the Nassau-Siegen Immigrants to Virginia, 1714-1750." This is a rare book. I found it in Harrisonburg. Let you know what I find.

The Virginia Genealogist mentions an interesting occurance that led to several records that may interest us. At the outbreak of the Revolutionary War, many people had debts they still owed to Brittish companies. They may have seen this as an opportunity to not pay some of what they owed. Others were owed monies for their tobacco crops that they had difficulty collecting. Brittish Mercantile Claims is the section in the Virginia Genealogist that lists many claims against the Colonists.

There appears to be a company operating stores in several areas, Bogle Somerville & Company. Source - The Virginia Genealogist. A George Waugh is mentioned as well as other names that should interest us -
David Kerr of Fairfax
Isaac Mitchell (the Bedford bunch married into the Mitchels)
Jno. Mitchell
George Waugh
Joseph Waugh, father of these other 2 Waughs?
Goury Waugh
Each of these gentlemen seems to be in a dispute with Bogle Somerville & Company regarding Tobacco.
page 133 - "Debts due Glassford, Gordon, Monteath & Company in the County of Prince William Nathaniel Smith - Able to pay
Thomas Jett Junr. - Able to pay
John Carter of Loudon, 393.13.4-1/2 due 10 Sept. 1774 by bond 8 April 1775, Dumfries Store, James Ritchie & Company. In 1795 a judgement was rendered by the Dumfries District Court against Lendor Carter, Wormely Carter and Robert Carter, administrators of the debtor, for 398.13.4-1/2."

Page 133 - "David Kerr, Fairfax. 24.1.-due 25 April 1774. Died about eight years ago; insolvent. "

Page 120 - "George Waugh. 6.12.5 by open account, 17 Dec. 1771. Robert Hening has for some time been manager of George Waugh's estate and is interested in it."

From what I can tell, Bogle Somerville & Company had "stores" in several cities including in Prince William County. It appears they closed their operations in the colonies at the outbreak of the Revolution. Page 120 - "Darby Sullivant Senr. ...says he gave his note at the close of business of Bogle Somerville & Company at the commencement of the Revolution for the balance then due and has since paid it."

I have not found many Bogles residing in the colonies. Perhaps they didn't and only sent their agents here to do business. My Sterling researcher had found that list of agents. I believe I've posted that here somewhere.

From Irish Passenger Lists, 1815-1816 - Tepper

These are well after our 1700's we're interested in.
Isabella Bogle
John Bogle
Samuel Bogle