Recent research in Prince William County, Bull Run branch of Library.
Numbers at end of each section indicate source, listed below.


1721 Wayman, Leonard, Jr. Anne Arrundal Co. 16, 441 --4

Joseph Wayman of Culpeper Co. 156 A. in said Co. Surv. Richard Young. Adj. William Beverley Esq. 18 Jan. 1768 --4

Stewart, Stephen, A.A. Co.,
(Children are listed)
Test: Edmond Wayman, John Fowler, Hezekiah Linthicum. --5

Chambers, Samuel, Allhallows Parish, A. A. Co.
7th Feb., 1727-8; 11th April, 1728.
To William Chapman, mcht. of London Town, A.A. Co.,
Test: Rev. Mr. John Lang, Stephen Waiman, Edward Honor. --5

Rutland, Thomas, South River, A.A. Co.,
18th Nov., 1731; 24th Dec., 1731
(children listed)
To granddau. Jean Wayman, Personalty.

SINCLAIR & Halling

1-245 John Sinclair of Loudon Co. 31 Dec. 1762 entered as Escheat 100 A. near Potomack R. & above Goose Cr. in said Co. part of 995 A. formerly granted Ebenezer Floyd & Benjamin Halling. Floyd & Halling died without known Heirs or making legal Disposal. Advertisement issued according to rules as appears by Certificate from Mr. Charles Binns, Clk. of said Co. No person offering to show cause why Escheat Deed should not be issued to Sinclair. Sinclair did not comply with Advertisement (recorded in Book N) requiring Persons who had surveys in Office before 1764 to pay what should be due or forfeit all Right & Claim. Mr. William Douglass of said Co. was granted said 100 A. surveyed 4 July 1763 for Sinclair by John Hough. Near Potomack R., adj. William Halling (Hawling), John Mercer, Sinclair's other land. 12 Feb. 1774. --1


F-82 ______of Fairfax Co. 586 A. 36 Po. in Fairfax Co. Surv. Amos Janney. Surplus granted 12 Mar. 1728/9 to Margaret Hallin now wife of s'd Sinclair, adj. where John Tuton formerly lived, Clark's Run (no date) Note: A. Sinclair. --1


From Tenders of Tobacco in Overwharton Parish, 1724

Joseph Waugh's Quarter 3,629 plants --6
John Smith

Edward Wayman 8,019 plants --6
William Limbrick

John Scott 19,151 plants --6
Joseph Simmons
Francis Kelly
Charles Simmons
1 Negro

Waugh, Wayman and Scott are all living close to each other due to the proximity of their names in the Tenders list.


John Young of Fauquier Co. 112 A. on Bull run in Pr. William co. Surv. John Moffitt. Adf. said Young & Weyman Sinclair, Col. Richard Blackburn, Mann Page Esq. 30 Nov. 1771. -- 1

Young, Elizabeth Widow - 2 (household members?) -- 2

Pages 211-12. Will of Edward Young, dated 22 Jan. 1739/40. Edward Young in the back woods of Prince Willm. County, Virginia, being very sick and weak in body. To Mary my dearly beloved wife whom I likewise constitute make and ordain my only and sole executor of this my last will and testament all and singular my lands, mesuages and teniments by her freely to be possessed and injoyed during her natural life excepting one gun I give to my beloved son Daniell Yound with all my carpenters and shooe makers tools and all other my real and personal estate to be in her own full power and disposal at her discease. Edward (x) Young.
John Bailey
Jacob (I) Smith
Robt. (R.C.) Colcklow
24 March 1739. Proved by the oaths of John Bailey and Jacob Smith, two of the witnesses thereto. Certificate is granted Mary Young for obtaining a probate. --3

Page 212-13. Bond of Mary Yound, John Young Constable and Jacob Smith unto Denis McCarty,
Gent., justice. For 100. 24 March 1739. Mary Young is extx. of Edward Young.
Mary (x) Young
John Young const.
Jacob (I) Smith -- 3

Page 77. Belonging to the Estate of giles Tillett not before Inventoryed.
Anny (A) Champneys signed the inventory.
21 April 1736. Ann Champneys presented this additional inventory which was OR.

Page 77 A supplementall inventory of the estate of John Tillett, dec.
Total valuation 14.13.0
Rochard Simpson
Thos. Hord
William Simpson --3


Pages 522-23. Bond of Mary Cundiff and Wayman Sinkler unto Joseph Hudnall, Valentine Peyton, John Diskin, William Blackwell, Gent., justices. For 50. 27 Aug. 1744. Mary Cundiff is admx. of Isaac Cundiff.
Mary (M) Cundiff
Wayman Sinckler
27 Aug. 1744. Ack. and OR. --3

Pages 523-25. Inventory of estate of Isaac Cundiff, dec., ordered made 27 Aug. 1744.
Total valuation 3.15.11
James Tebbs
Thos. Arrington
James Muse


Pages 189-90. Inventory of the estate of John Duncan, dec., made in obedience to order of 27 Aug. 1739.
Total valuation 18.6.6
Sampson Darrell
Hohn Musgrove
Henry Tailer

Elizabeth Duncan, admx.

Inventory and appraisment -

(among others)
To paid the cost of Peter Kerrs Judgement 91 - tobo.
To paid Thomas Young for fees 27 - tobo.
To paid Peter Kerr per Judgment 35.10.6 -
(total list is very long, these 3 stood out to me)

Pages 432-34. Account of the estate of Mr. Wm. Linton, dec., sold at publick Oction by Benja. Grayson, John Gregg and Moses Linton, executors.
(among many others)

A slate table Thos. Monteeth -.7.8 --3

Pages 434-36 The estate of Mr. William Linton, dec. 1733.
To paid Abraham St. Clare 344 tobo., -.15.-

Pages 288-90. The estate of Colo. George Mason, dec.

To Thos. Youngs Sheriffs fees in 1740 36 tobo.

To Wm. Stone Sherif for Colo. Gales fees 200 tobo.

Sources -

1. Virginia Northern Neck Land Grants, 1742-1775, Gray
2. Residents of Western Dettingen Parish, 1747
3. Prince William County, Va Will Book C, 1734 - 1744
4. Index of Maryland Colonial Wills, 1634-1777, by Magruder
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6. Tenders of Tobacco in Overwharton Parish