About 1668.

James SaintClaire, master of Rosslyn about 1671. In his youth bound apprentice in London, thereafter he went to France, where he spent some years with Mr. Monteith, author of "The Troubles of Great Brittain," who was settled in the beginning with M. de la Porte, Great Prieur of France and Knight of Malta, as I have heard of the present Duke of Mazarine, his nephew, sone to the Marachal de la Mailleraye. After the Great Prieur's death, he entered into the service of the Cardinall de Rets, Coadjutor of Paris, then Archbishop of Corinth, to whom Roslin dedicates his Booke of the "Troubles of Brittany,' being left his heir. After Mr. Monteith's death he applyed himself to my Lord Rutherford, Viscount of Teviott; ...thereafter he was made Commissar of Shetland, and after my father's death he expoused my mother, Mrs. Jean, daughter to Sir Henry Spotswood (Sheriff of Dublin), who bore to him -
James - b. 1671
Alexander - b. 1672
Thomas b. 1676
Helen, b. 15th March 1676, married Henry Kerr of Gredane in the Mers.
Anna - b. 1674
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source - R.W. Saint Clair "Saint-Clairs of the Isles" p. 291-92


John Sinclair of Ulbster, the celebrated Statistician of Scotland was married, first, 26th March 1776 Sarah, daughter of Alexander Maitland of Stoke Newington.

source - R.W. Saint Clair "Saint-Clairs of the Isles" p. 257