1. James Sinclair, Lord Rosslyn about 1670, has a daughter, Helen, born March 15, 1670 married Henry Kerr of Gredane in the Mers.

2. Alexander Kerr, Jacobite crossed Jan 14, 1716 on the Elizabeth and Anne from LIverpool to York, Va. Alexander and his brother Henry were sons of Archibald Ker(r) of Graden and Helenor St. Clair, daughter of Sir James St. Clair of Roslin. The boys' father died when they were still young children. Their mother raised them as Roman Catholics. Henry, the eldest, may or may not have participated in the 1715 Jacobite Rebellion. However, Henry was not captured as a Jacobite until the 1745 Jacobite Rebellion near Forfar, Scotland.
Source - Roland William Saint - Clair's "Saint Clairs of the Isles"
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3. Post the Kerr crossings from Dobson's books. There are several.

4. Robb reports a Kerr conducting tobacco business in Jamestown with an Alexander Sinclair. Robb, I can't find your original note on this. Can you re-send ?
The goal is to find direct ties from our Alexander to other families. This is one direct tie to the Stevenson line.

5. Sir Robert Sinclair, 5th Bt.;(Stevenson LIne-Son of James Sinclair who became Lockhart) m Sept 1733 Isabella, only dau of Col James Ker, by whom he had four sons and four daus., of whom,