"Abstracts of Fauquier CO., VA; Willa, Inventories and Accounts, 1759-1800" by John K. Gott:

Will Book 1, pages 178-179; John Sinclear, Date: 21 Jan 1767: Son: William Sinclear - one Negro man
Son: John - one Negro woman
Son: James - 213 a. of land that I now live on - one cow and fore hoggs and all my white ware
Son: Robert - one Negro Boy - Bed & furniture - one cow and calf
Son: Daniel - One Negro girl - one bed & furniture - one cow and calf
Dau: Charity - one bed and furniture - one cow and calf and five pounds cash
Dau Jimmie Sinclear - one feather bed and furniture one cow and calf and five pounds cash

"...the rest of my estate to be equally Divided Between My five daughters that Sarah, Mary, Eliz'h,
Charitie, Jemmie....if any of the above die without heir it is my desire that there Estate should be equally divided between my Two daughters Chatity and Jemime
Signed John Sinclear
Wit: John Wright, John (x) Kerns, William (x) Preston As for my land which my son John SInclear Lives on at the manor I desire Shre be Equally Divided between son John and Robert"
Proved: 22 Apr 1771, by o. of John Wright, John Kurnes, William Preston,
Witnesses Willim Sinclear and John Sinclear made o. and were granted cert. of probate

Will Book 1, page 295: John Sinklear (Inventory) Date: 5 Aug 1776: App'd by John Moorehead, John Smith, Charles Smith
Total eval.: L93
Ret: 22

(Fauquier County was established in 1751, previously Prince Willliam Co.)

John is a documented son of Alexander in the 1724 "Tenders of Tobacco in Ovewharton Parish". Stafford Co., Virginia