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    The Jamaica Maitlands have 2 Wright connections and one Sinclair:

Francis (1) Maitland's mother, Rebecca Dunston Wright was probably the

daughter of Dunston Wright; his wife, Ann, was the daughter of Andrew

Wright and Ruth Sinclair (herself the daughter of John Hayle Sinclair

and Judith Burton).

    The Wrights & Sinclairs of St Elizabeth, Westmoreland and Vere

parishes in Jamaica were an extensive family and appear in the parish

records of birth, marriages and deaths from the beginning of the records

(about 1710). The entries in the early days are probably not complete:

baptisms are best recorded, but the couples often did not marry

(particularly where the woman was of mixed race) and burials were

carried out very quickly, more often than not without a priest present.


    They were also connected with the Roberts, Cohen, Booth, Brooks, and

other families.



    The relationship of the Wrights of St Elizabeth and Vere Parishes in

Jamaica is difficult to establish with any great confidence. Those

relating to the Maitland direct line are summarised, with fuller details

later in this paper:

    Information has been gleaned from parish records, the Jamaica

Almanacs, the 1804 maps and Vere Langford Oliver's work (see below).

Property information can be found under the Jamaica General chapter.

    There were Wrights in Vere parish early in the 18thC (see below),

and our lines of Rebecca Wright and Andrew Wright (both born mid 18thC)

probably came from this family: Rebecca and Andrew were known to each

other: Rebecca made Andrew an executor of her will. They could have been

1st cousins (on the male, but maybe not the female, line) but records

are not complete enough to establish any relationship.

    The family living at Stretton Hall in the East of Vere were probably

the earliest. Where they came from before this is not known (3/2001)

    A search of the internet for Sinclair/Caithness/Jamaica gave no

relevant finds, but showed that there were Sinclairs either migrating to

the Colonies, including Jamaica or being transported there.    












    The wife of Francis (1) Maitland and daughter of

Andrew Wright and Ruth Sinclair (see below), was born in 1788 in St

Elizabeth Parish, Jamaica, probably at Mitcham Pen in the East of the

Parish. Her father was Mitcham's owner in 1793 when he was advertising

for a runaway slave. She and her sister, who later married George

Roberts of Jamaica, were taken to England with her father and step-

mother, Elizabeth Wint. Their father imposed a curious condition to

their inheritance that his daughters should marry before returning to

Jamaica on pain of losing their inheritance. Hence their marriages in

England! She seems to have inherited Mitcham pen and her surviving


sister, Rebecca, Silver Grove; the properties are contiguous and were

operated together between about 1810 and 1840.

    She returned to Jamaica after the birth of her first daughter, ch

1807 in Camberwell. Her next 7 children were ch in Jamaica. She and

Francis returned to England where he died in 1824. After that event, her

movements are unknown, but it is likely that she at least visited

Jamaica again, having become the owner of Giddy Hall, before dying in

London in 1833. It may be significant that some of her sister's, Rebecca

Roberts, children were baptised around Camberwell and Kennington, where

Ann's last child was baptised in 1825, after Francis' death.






    Andrew Wright, the father of Ann Wright, was a white Jamaican, born

about 1752 and died in Mitcham, Surrey, England 24/2/1806. He acquired

and probably developed the pens (cattle farms) of Mitcham (which he said

he named after the town in Surrey, although in fact it had the same name

when owned by Earl Balcarres in 1763) & Silver Grove and the 200 acre

estate of Single Rock, near Calabash Bay in Vere, in the latter part of

the 18thC. He had a mulatto mistress, Ruth Sinclair, and came to England

(probably after November 1804, re Rebecca Wright's will) with his

daughters by Ruth, his wife was probably still in Jamaica at the time of

his will. He left Single Rock and £5000 to John Pusey Wint, his stepson.

Most of the remainder he left to his daughters Ann and Rebecca,

stipulating that they would forfeit their inheritance if they returned

to Jamaica unmarried: this explains Francis & Ann's marriage in London

soon after his death, and Rebecca and George Roberts marriage somewhat

later! He did not appear to have had any children by his wife, Elizabeth

Pusey, who he probably married in Jamaica, after about 1790. It must

have taken some time to sort his estate as slaves belonging to his

estate were baptized in 1814 at Giddy Hall. He also refers to a relation

and cousin Andrew Wright Booth of Vere.


His wife, Elizabeth Mary Pusey, was born about 1743 and daughter of

Benjamin Pusey of Cherry Hill and Cherry Garden Estate in the Parish of

St Dorothy, Jamaica; she was the widow of Samuel Wint, of Spanish Town,

Jamaica. She was buried at Brompton Church, London, 6/8/1821 (tablet in

Nave) aged 78. She had a son by her first husband, John Pusey Wint.


Andrew Wright of Mitcham refers to his nephew Andrew Wright Booth of

Vere in his will. An Andrew Wright Booth was ch 25/11/1813, son of the

late Andrew Wright Booth. The "late Andrew Wright Booth" was probably

the one referred to in the will and is likely to be the son of John Gaul

and Rachel Booth, who were breeding between in Vere about 1773 and 1796.

This would imply that Rachel Judith Wright (ch 8/8/1756 of Joseph &

Elizabeth, St Elizabeth) was Andrew Wright of Mitcham's sister and

therefore his parents were Joseph & Elizabeth Wright of St Elizabeth.

His birth about 1752 would fit this.   


On the 1804 map, "A Wright" is shown as the proprietor of estates at

Single Rock, Mitcham and Silver Grove pens. The Earl of Balcarres still

owned property around there: he had been a Governor of Jamaica. Was

there any connection between him and the Wrights?      


Much information was from Oliver's Carribeanea (quoting Mitcham PR).





   Ruth Sinclair was the mother of Ann Wright, by Andrew Wright. The

parish record shows her being born about 1764 and describes her as a

"mestu" (quadroon), the daughter of Judith Burton, a mulatto; her father

was John Hayle Sinclair according to his will. She died about 1799, her

will being proved in July of that year.

   She had three daughters by Andrew Wright (Ann, Mary & Rebecca, Mary

dying between 1799 and 1806). Her will implies that she had two further

daughters by one John Read, who was mentioned in her will.

   Her father was the son of a planter and the grandson of a 1st

generation planter from Caithness. Her grandfather had siblings still in

Scotland when he died about 1740.





    The mother of Francis (1) Maitland, Rebecca Dunston Wright was born

in 1749 of Polly Rose, a freed mulatto, probably by Dunston Wright. She,

by some means, amassed significant real estate in Westmoreland and St

Elizabeth by the time of her death in 1805 which she left to Francis.

She must have been of some status to judge by her gravestone in Black

river churchyard and the fact that she was buried there in spite of

having died in Bristol, England. Presumable her son Francis Maitland

(confirmed in her will) went to England with her. She must have been on

good terms with Andrew Wright, father of her future daughter-in-law, as

he (or at least an Andrew Wright) was an executor of her estate.


Was she a half sister or cousin of Andrew Wright (note Andrew's daughter

being Rebecca)?

Who were her Cohen nephews (Alexander & Henry, Catherine & Caroline) and

nieces, to whom she made bequests?

Cohens were a wealthy family by the early 19thC and are shown on 1804

map near the location of Giddy Hall.



Dunston Wright

Possible father of Rebecca Dunston Wright.

Parents: William & Elizabeth Wright, Vere PR:

Dunston Wright, b. 17131206    


Also by William and Elizabeth

Francis Wright, b 12/10/1715, ch 15/11/1715, sponsors Sarah Booth,  

       Robert & Judith Wright.

William Wright, b 21/8/1718, ch 2/10/1718, sponsor Simon Booth, John &

       Sarah Fisher.


By Robert & Judith Wright, Vere:

Mary Wright, b 18/8/1716, ch 9/11/1718, sponsors Mary & Thomas

       Wilkinson, & Mary Savny.

Judith Wright, b 4/11/1718, ch 6/1/1719, sponsors Rachel & Elizabeth

       Wright, Simon Booth & Wm Wright.


As they were sponsors to each others children, it is probable that

Robert and William Wright were, if not brothers, closely related. Robert

Wright's will proved in Jamaica 1748.










                          ANN WRIGHT:




MT: b. 8/2/1788  m.29/7/1806  d.23/10/1833 (ref will: in London).

MB: departed this life October 23rd 1833 aged 45 years at Giddy Hall. (not correct from will).

(1) St Elizabeth PR: Born: Feb 1788, ch 18/12/1789, St Elizabeth

Parents: reputed dau of Mr. Andrew Wright by Ruth Sinclair, a free

Mestu, child reputed white.


This seems the most likely wife of Francis Maitland.

a) their first born son was called Andrew Wright, their first born,

a daughter being Frances Ann.

b) the baptismal entry for sons George, Alexander and Septimus

refers to Francis as being a person of colour, but his wife as

being reputed white (this implies some negro ancestry).

c) geographically more likely: why were they married in London? Probably

Andrew Wright's will specifying that Ann must be married before

returning to Jamaica. The record at St Clement Danes almost certainly

refers to them.

d) the baptism of 6 "slaves belonging to the estate of Andrew

Wright" at Giddy Hall when Francis's slaves were baptised


e) Andrew Wright was the proprietor of Mitcham pen, which came into the

Maitland family. This Ann Wright is mentioned in Andrew's will.

f) Ann's sister, Rebecca, married George Roberts, co-owner with Francis

of slaves at Mitcham & Silver Grove.


Will found by Jackie Ranstone:

Ann Maitland, Supreme Court Wills 114/172 entered 22/5/1834.  "Ann

Maitland of parish of St Elizabeth, county of Cornwall, but at present

residing in Chester Place in the parish of St Mary Lambeth in the County

of Surrey in the Kingdom of Great Britain, widow, I give and bequeath

unto Wm. Wilson of London, Merchant and John Salmon of the parish of St

Elizabeth, esq. all that my Plantation and Estate called Giddy Hall

situated in St Elizabeth with slaves, cattle and stock, Plantation

utensils and effects ... in Trust for all and every or such one or more

of my sons Andrew Wright, John, Francis, George, Alexander, Septimus and

Octavius and daughter Emma Rebecca living at my decease..."

Three pages follow about trustees duties etc.


A codicil dated 10 May 1826, (date as report, but prob of original

will: Emma married 1832) London says:

" I revoke ... my appointment in said will of Wm Wilson of London as

Executor and in his place appoint my son-in-law Samuel Sherman of the

parish of St Elizabeth, planter.  As soon as convenient after my decease

... - Giddy Hall and slaves cattle etc and other estate valued and ???

to be paid to my daughter Emma Rebecca Sherman or to her heirs one

eighth part or equal moiety."





                              REBECCA WRIGHT



   The author of this work has made the assumption that John Maitland,

the father of her children was the son of Frederick Lewis Maitland, in

spite of a significant age difference: there is no evidence of there

being any other John Maitland in the area at the time. The only other

one about then was a Captain John Maitland killed in a shipwreck

somewhat earlier (1775).



St Elizabeth PR: Born: St Elizabeth, May 1749.

Parent: Polly Rose, mulatto & possibly, Dunston Wright.

Partner: John Maitland


1/1. Francis Maitland, ch. 25/2/1784,

1/2. Richard Maitland, ch. 4/8/1786. (StE PR)



St E PR has following entry:

Rebecca Dunston Wright, daughter of Polly (?), a mulatto, lately a

slave belonging to Mr. Roderick Rose, three years old last May and

baptised Nov 12 1752. Thus born 5/1749. 


A Dunston Wright was born 1713/12/06 of parents: William & Elizabeth

Wright, Vere (PR). Was this her father??


No mention of "Polly" or "Patty" Rose on St Elizabeth PR.



MI of Jamaica: Gravestone @ Black River church:

Rebecca Wright, 29/?/1805, aged 56. (seen by A Maitland in April 1998,

less legible).

This was our Rebecca; slaves were not generally baptised at this time, &

so RDW probably born free of Mr Wright. Her will confirms this is the

correct burial. No entry found in PR.



Leah Wright & Cohen Connection


Possible sister Leah born about 1748.

Parish records show Leah Wright baptised 7/7/1791, a free negro aged

about 43.

2 sons recorded, reputed sons of David Cohen

Hyman Cohen, b 25/12/1788, ch 1791, St Elizabeth.

David Cohen, b 12/12/1792, ch 14/4/1793, St Elizabeth.

who became a big property owner.


See end of this section for Cohens.


Rebecca's nephews and nieces were probably the daughters of David &

Leah. If so, Leah was probably Rebecca's sister.


A Leah Wright bur 4/12/1812, at churchyard, free negro, aged 47.


A slave, Maria Wright bapt 8/6/1794, belonging to Rebecca Wright St E

(she is mentioned in Rebecca's will).


An estate, Roses Valley existed, but is now a village. Rose Hill is only

about 2 miles from Giddy Hall, which was owned by John Maitland 1845.



Her Will

(PCC 1805 484 Nelson Prob 11 1428 f485) Dated 14/11/1804, proved

28/6/1805. Full Will Text


"Late of Black River .. but now of Bristol ...


left some specified slaves to nephews Alexander & Henry & nieces

Catherine & Caroline Cohen ... (see Cohen family later in this file).


left the remainder to son Francis Maitland: land of about 214 acres in

Westmoreland named "Thero?a" (best guess - illegible), Dwelling house on

land adjoining Lowerworks Estate on or near the Black River called "the


Ground" (again best guess), a tenement or property lying behind the

Church on Black River Bay,


tenements in or near the Logwoods on Black River Bay

The remainder of his slaves.


The remainder of her estate.


Executors Andrew Wright, Francis Maitland both of Jamaica, and

Christopher Henbury of Bristol and Thomas Hogg of Jamaica.


A study of the 1804 map of Jamaica shows no suitable property entries

for her, either in Westmoreland or St Elizabeth.





                            ANDREW WRIGHT




Born: Abt 1752, probably Jamaica.

Parents: possibly Joseph & Elizabeth Wright of St Elizabeth.

Mistress: Ruth Sinclair, mulatto, in Jamaica.

Married: Elizabeth Mary Pusey, probably late 1790's.

Died: 24/2/1806, Mitcham, Surrey, England, "Andrew Wright esq aged 54

years late of the Parish of St Elizabeth & Mitcham Penn in the Island of

Jamaica." (ref PR from VLO)





                             RUTH SINCLAIR



St Elizabeth PR a free "mestu" in children's record:

Born: abt 1764, ch April 1768 age abt 4 yrs.

Parent: illegitimate dau of Judith Burton (Mulatto?) and John Hayle

Sinclair (ref wills).

See later section for the Sinclair family.

Partners: Mr Andrew Wright & John Read.


Died probably early 1799, but no record of death found (3/2001).


Will: Proved 24 Jul 1799


Ruth Sinclair of... Vere,... spinster... poor in health and weak in

body... To my well beloved daughter Ann Wright, Mary Wright and Rebecca

Wright....3 negroes (named)

To my beloved daughter Isabella Read who I make and nominate as my heir

of this my last will and testament... slaves...

To my well beloved daughter Ruth Read...

To my well beloved friend John Read of.... Vere... dearly beloved brother Alexander Sinclair of St. Eliz. and Thomas

Read of Vere appoint as executors...  My wench Camila and

Camila is to serve Isabella Read till she is 15 years


From the way in which the will is phrased, it is probable that Ruth had

children by John Read after those by Andrew Wright, who might by then

have been in England.



(Ann & Mary both reputed daughters of Mr. Andrew Wright by Ruth

Sinclair, a free Mestu, child reputed white, named Wright in PR):


1/1. Ann Wright (2/1788).

1/2. Rebecca Wright (ref AW's & Ruth's will), died bef 1830.

   Married: George Roberts, 2/11/1816, St John's Hackney.

   George Roberts was a co-owner (with Francis Maitland) of slaves and

   eventual proprietor of Silver Grove pen: presumably through

   inheritance by Rebecca.     


   2/1. Edward Maitland Roberts, b Giddy Hall, 15/8/1817, d Silvergrove     


   2/2. William Allen Roberts, born England, 23/11/1818.

   2/3. Rebecca Robert, born England, 13/7/1820.

   2/4. Georgeanna Roberts, born Silvergrove, 8/4/1822.

   2/5. George Roberts, b abt 1824-5.

   George married, 2nd, Ruth Angell at "Lookout", Balaclava, Manchester,

   27/1/1830 and died between 1840 & 1845 (ref Almanac).               

   PR: GR of Manchester, Gent, & RA of St Elizabeth, spinster, person of  

   colour by licence.

   PR: Also found marriage of Benjamin Angell & Sarah Reed of Manch,


1/3. Mary Wright (9/1790) d of Andrew W by a negro, Ruth Sinclair (PR).

   Mentioned in Ruth's will of 1799, but not in Andrew's of 1806:

   probably died in this period.


Also in St Elizabeth PR:

Issue of Andrew Wright and Elizabeth Pables (both white):

This Elizabeth is probably not his wife Pusey, who would have been too


1/2. Lewis Wright, 12/8/1795

1/3. Mary Chambers Wright, 12/7/1799







From Caribbeana by Vere Langford Oliver (1910). Vol 1 (CU Library)


"He has a high stone tomb, formerly enclosed with iron railings to the

east of the church and on the top there is the inscription: "Here lies

interred the body of Andrew Wright esq formerly of this Parish and late

of the Parish of St Elizabeth and of Mitcham Pen, in the Island of

Jamaica, who departed this life on the 18th February 1806, aged 54

years. For his great partiality to this place (ed: Mitcham Surrey) he

named his Pen in Jamaica Mitcham".


(AM: in fact, the property was known as Mitcham in 1763).


The iron railings were removed from his tomb in 1883 by order of the

Mitcham Burial Board. His baptism is not recorded in the register.     


Jamaica Gazette, 1794, the following advertisement:


Mitcham Pen, 13/11/1793:

Runaway slave from the subscriber about the latter end of August last, a

new negro man named Jamaica, about 5 feet high: has filed teeth, country

marks on both temples and right shoulder and breaks down back, marked on

right shoulder AW rather small; had on when absconded a blue baise frock

and took with him an afnhurgh(?) one, Reward £2-15s. Andrew Wright.



St Elizabeth Vestreyman: Andrew Wright





On Tuesday the 22nd a subscription purse, for two years old, two mile

heats, was run for over the Race course at  Lacovia, by Mr. Andrew

Wright’s Bay Colt, and Mr. Salmon’s Pepper Filly, Brunettes. The first

heat was won by the Colt, but in the second he ran out of the course and

was distanced ...



His Will


His will (PCC, 265 Pitt), was signed 21 January or February 1806, Proved

to "Charles Grant of King Street Southwark" at PCC in London, 5 March

1806 and 28 July 1806.

The will fills 13 pages in the register, probably the lawyer on

piecework! Full Will Text


His estate took time to finalise: slaves baptised 1815 at Giddy Hall

were described as belonging to the estate of Andrew Wright.


He is described as Andrew Wright of St Elizabeth co Cornwall, Jamaica,

esq, but now residing at Great Tower St, London.




Trustees and Executors:

"my friends John Chambers of Saint Elizabeth, esquire, Jeremiah Snow of

Broad St, Ratcliffe Highway, Middlesex, hatter, John Pusey Wint and

James Cross of Southwark, Surrey, Gentleman,

They were also guardians of Ann & Rebecca until 21 or marriage.


of .. my pen and plantation in Saint Elizabeth called Mitcham with the

slaves, cattle, plantations, utensils and effects .. and all other my

lands, tenements, slaves and real estate in Jamaica or elsewhere ..

and ...

to "cultivate manage and improve the (pen & plantation) to the best

advantage and consign the produce thereof from time to time to Great

Britain to be sold" and .. use the income towards the £5000 and mortgage

payments and repairs and other outgoings for the estate.


To son in law John Pusey Wint: about 30 slaves, Single Rock Estate, near

Calabash Bay, Vere (about 200 acres), and 5 £1000 annual payments from

Mitcham pen.


to "relation and cossin" Andrew Wright Booth of the parish of Vere £1000

when 21 years old.


to pay an annuity of £300 sterling "to my dear wife Elizabeth Mary

Wright" for life (if she makes further claims, she may forfeit the

whole), with a further £300 single payment if she moves from Jamaica to



£100 to each Trustee.


to pay .. for the education and benefit of my reputed daughters Ann

Wright and Rebecca Wright born of Ruth Sinclair, until aged 21 or

married, whichever is the sooner.


..the residue of the income shall, until the last daughter is 21 or

married, be added to .. the residue of my personal estate


The residual estate left to Ann and Rebecca Wright and their issue,

failing that to John Pusey Wint and Andrew Wright Booth. If either Ann

or Rebecca returned to Jamaica unmarried, their share would pass on  

"were she virtually dead without issue of her body"


"And I direct my said executors to devise to Ann and Rebecca Wright

respectively as soon as conveniently after my decease copies of this my

last will and testament to the intent that they may be fully acquainted

with the contents thereof and particularly the clause prohibiting their

return to Jamaica under the circumstances aforesaid"



Elizabeth Mary Pusey


Parish Church of Brompton (on the North Wall of nave) (London)

In memory of Elizabeth Mary Pusey, dau of Benjamin Pusey of Cherry Hill

and Cherry Garden Estate in the Parish of St Dorothy, Jamaica. Relict of

Samuel Wint, esq of Spanish Town and Andrew Wright, esq of Mitcham Pen

St Elizabeth of the same Island. She was interred in the cemetery of

this church 6th August 1821 aged 78 years. This tablet is erected in her

memory by John Pusey Wint esq, her son.


1/1. John Pusey Wint was proprietor of Hyde Pen in Vere parish from at

least 1815-24. Married Eliza. Wints were shown in Vere on the 1804 map.

   2/1. Eliza Wint, b 9/12/1807, ch 7/7/1807

   2/2. William Shute Wint, b 3/9/1814.










    Ruth Sinclair's forebears can be traced to her grandfather, John,

who was born into the Sinclair clan of Caithness, NE Scotland. He had

property in Clarendon when he died. It has not been possible to identify

her direct Scottish ancestors: there are too many with similar christian

names and no parent has been found with the correct combination of

offspring: maybe the supposed siblings were not from the same mother?

By 1811, Ruth's brother, Alexander, owned Prospect pen (85 slaves) in St


Nothing except for the names is known (3/2001) of the Burton family.


From the Royal Gazette:


Hanover vestreyman: William Sinclair.


April 6, 1793, Kingston, Jamaica, West Indies


Mar 20  Archibald Sinclair, St. Thomas in the East

Apr 3 Robert Boyd, Westmorland

   "  Alexander Burton, Kingston



10/12/1822, Richard & Elizabeth Sinclair, £00, by James Sinclair

8/8/1823, Alexander Sinclair, £00, by Walter Sinclair.

21/10/1823, Margaret (Mary) Sinclair & 2 children, Constantine & Mary Sinclair, £00, by Joseph Sinclair.

25/10/1824, Chance al Rebecca Sinclair, 10/-, Richard Sinclair.

Under will:

Eliza Wander & the child with which she is enceint, by Thos Sinclair, probate, 23/2/1824.



Most of this information was supplied by Robin Downie of Salt Lake City,

Dec 2000. For Will data see Will Text.




                          JOHN HAYLE SINCLAIR


Father of Ruth Sinclair.

Parents: John & Priscilla Sinclair.


Will entered 19/11/1766.

Property called Bernuda Castle.



Had Issue by:


                            JUDITH BURTON


(ref Robin Downie).

Born: abt 1730, ch 5/9/1755.

Parents: Nicholas Burton & Sarah Witter


Issue, of Judith Burton (all in will except Priscilla):

1/1. Elizabeth Sophronia Sinclair, will entered 20/6/1806 of St 


   Will dated 10/9/1786, John Swaby and Judith Burton executors.

   Issue of John Rotten & Elizabeth Sinclair:

   2/1. Robert Rotten, b. 10/8/1769.   

   2/2. Arabella Rotten, b. 17/8/1774. 

1/2. Nicholas Sinclair,

1/3. Susannah Sinclair, renounced executorship of Edward's will 8/9/93.

1/4. Sarah Sinclair, b abt 1755, ch April 1768, Natural Child ab t 13.

1/5. Thomas Sinclair, b abt 1759, ch April 1768, Natural Child abt 9.

   Issue by Judith Powell:

   2/1. Mary Ann Sinclair, b.3/4/1803.                 

1/6. Priscilla Sinclair, b abt 1759, ch 16/3/1759, Natural Child. No age   

   given and not mentioned in will, probably died early.

   Ref Downie: born 17/10/1759.

1/7. James Sinclair, b abt 1760, ch April 1768, Natural Child abt 8.

   Issue of James & Fanny:

   2/1. Thomas Sinclair, ch 21/12/1792.

1/8. Patrick Sinclair,

1/9. Edward Sinclair, b abt 1762, ch April 1768, Natural Child abt 6.

   Died about 1793 of St Elizabeth.

   Partner: Susannah Harriott, who made deed of gift to Sarah Sinclair    



   2/1. Sarah Sinclair, b 9/8/1793

   (Susannah also had child Catherine Ann Malcolm b abt 1795.  

1/10. Joseph Sinclair, b abt 1763, ch April 1768, Natural Child abt 5.

   Executor of Edward's will 1793.

   Issue of Joseph Sinclair & Ruth Million:

   2/1. John Hale Sinclair, b 1790, ch 23/12/1794.

   2/2. Joseph James Sinclair, born 1792, ch 23/12/1794.

   2/3. Ruth Sinclair, born abt 1800.  

1/11. Ruth Sinclair b abt 1764, ch April 1768, Natural Child abt 4.

1/12. Alexander Sinclair (mentioned as Ruth's brother in her will - not

   in John's will). Of Manchester. Born abt 1766.

   Alexander Sinclair at Prospect, St.Elizabeth, with 85 slaves in 1811.

   His will of 16/8/1822. Mentions Sarah dau of brother Edward, heirs of  

   Francis Maitland, housekeeper Lucy Facey & nephews John Hale Sinclair

   and Joseph James Sinclair.          

   Issue (ref will, & Downie, probably of Lucy Facey):

   2/1. Thomas Sinclair, born abt 1788.

      Will entered 28/1/1824 probably his. Of Manchester.

      Issue in will (by Sarah Brown??):

      3/1. Edward Sinclair, ch 31/10/1826

      3/2. George Horatio Sinclair, b. abt 1820, ch 31/10/1826.

      3/3. Judith Sinclair, born 1819, ch 27/9/1820.

      3/4. Archibald Sinclair, ch 31/10/1826. 

      3/5. Possibly the issue of Elizabeth Wander (ref will codicil).

         Manumission: Eliza Wander & the child with which she is

         enceint, by Thos Sinclair, probate, 23/2/1824.

   2/2. Joseph Sinclair, b abt 1794, ch 4/9/1813

      Issue of Joseph Sinclair & Mary Ann:

      3/1. Andrew Sinclair, b 10/8/1834

      3/2. Rudolph Sinclair, b 14/6/1839.

      3/3. Louisa Sinclair, b 8/8/1843.

   2/3. James Christopher Sinclair, born 1791, ch 7/5/1826.

      Married Grace Powell, 27/10/1839,



      2/1. Alexander Sinclair, b 8/3/1810, ch 19/5/1833?

      2/2. James Sinclair, b at 1811.

      2/3. Catherine Sinclair, b abt 1815

      2/4. Annie Sinclair, b abt 1819.

   2/4. Alexander Sinclair of Manchester., b abt 1796, ch 4/9/1813.

      Will entered 19/12/1829 mentions mother Lucy Facy, siblings

      Joseph, James, Sarah, Susanah, Priscilla , and Elizabeth.

     (all still living 17/11/1824)

   2/5. Sarah Sinclair, b abt 1797, ch 3/12/1817.

   2/6. Susannah Sinclair, Spinster of Manchester

      Will Ent 23 Nov 1841 probably hers:

      "My property call? Toy? Ball?". Dau 5 acres each.

      Issue (by "good friend Ralph Segree"?):

      3/1. Isabelle Sinclair, m. Mr Strupart?... her children

      3/2. Esther Facey Segree,

      3/3. Adeline Segree, ch 25/10/1826.

      3/4. Susannah Sinclair Segree,

      3/5. Rachel Segree, ch 25/10/1826. Not in will.

      3/6. Sarah Victoria Segree, b 28/2/1836, ch 10/6/1838.

      3/7. Lucy Facey Segree, b 18/4/1832, ch 28/9/1835.

      3/8. Rebecca Fernandes Segree 5 acres each...

      3/9. Matthew Segree, ch 5/10/1826.

      3/10. Augustus Segree, b 6/3/1830, ch 28/9/1835.

      3/11. Abraham DeSouza Segree, b 3/4/1834, ch 28/9/1835.

      3/12. Rebecca Fernandes Segree, ch. 1842: not in will - mother

          died at or just after birth??

      My good friend Ralph Segree... executor and guardian

   2/7. Priscilla Sinclair, b abt 1805, ch 7/5/1819.

      Issue with John Lea:

      3/1. Alexander Sinclair Lea, ch 25/10/1826.

         3/2. John Sinclair Lea, ch 25/10/1826.

      3/3. William A. Sinclair Lea, ch 25/10/1826.

   2/8. Elizabeth Sinclair. Of Manchester, mentions Prospect 

      Plantation and father and brother Alexander.

      Will dated 1/11/1827, ent 29/8/1833.

      Issue with Jacob Segree:

      3/1. Ralph Sinclair Segree, ch 25/10/1825.

         3/2. Abraham Facey Sinclair Segree, ch 25/10/1825.

   2/9. Judith Sinclair, born abt 1786, ch 21/12/1792.

      (in land deed for 14 acres of mountain land adjoining Providence 

      plantation from Robert Bowes 29/6/1815, ent 5/11/1821 names

      daughters; Alexander names grandaughters with same name).

      Issue of Robert Bowes & Judith Sinclair:

      3/1. Henrietta Bowes, born 9/10/1806.

      3/2. Caroline Sinclair Bowes, b 24/3/1810, ch 10/5/1813.

      3/3. Mary Magelina (or Sinclair) Bowes, b abt 1814. 

Issue of John Sinclair & Sarah Bonner:

1/12. John Sinclair.




                             JOHN SINCLAIR


Born Caithness?

Married: Priscilla.

Will dated 6/4/1740, ent 4/6/1741. Then of Clarendon.

Died: About 1741, Jamaica.

Property at "Top Hill", "Dixons" plantation, land at Milk River called




1/1. John Hayle Sinclair.

1/2. Elizabeth Sinclair.



                            NICHOLAS BURTON



Children of Nicholas Burton and Sarah Witter:


1/1. Judith Burton - born abt 1730, bapt. 5 Sep 1755

   had children with John Hale Sinclair - see below

1/2. Ruth Burton - born abt 1735, bapt 5 Sep 1755

   had children with Joseph James Swaby, Esq.

   2/1. Mary Swaby - born 29 Apr 1753

   2/2. Joseph James Swaby - born 16 Mar 1755

1/3. Nicholas Burton - bapt. 29 Dec 1750

   had children with Catherine Nief

   2/1. Elizabeth Terhern Burton - born 1766

   2/2. Lucy Burton - born Mar 1771

   2/3. Ruth Burton - born 1772

1/4. Elizabeth Burton - born abt 1745

1/5. Benjamin Burton - born abt 1750

   had children with Hannah Powell

   2/1. Mary Burton - born 23 Dec 1772

   2/2. Francis Burton - born 12 Sep 1775

   2/3. Joseph Burton - born 18 Dec 1777

   2/4. Susanna Turner Burton - born 26 Dec 1785

   2/5. Beddy Burton - born 19 Aug 1787

   2/6. Sarah Burton - born 1 Apr 1789

   2/7. Hannah Powell Burton - born 26 Feb 1792

   2/8. Benjamin Burton - born 17 Nov 1794

   2/9. Elisha Powell Burton - born 31 Jul 1796

   2/10. Rachel Burton - born 5 Apr 1799

1/6. Johanna Marks Burton - born abt 1756, bapt Apr 1768





Issue at Caithness (from John's will -  all died after 1741 therefore):

1/1. John Sinclair of Clarendon, died abt 1741, Jamaica.

1/2. Peter Sinclair of Planter of Clarendon, Jamaica.

   2/1. Alexander Sinclair

1/3. Robert Sinclair in Caithness, gent.

1/4. Francis Sinclair of Caithness

1/5. William Sinclair of Caithness

1/6. Elizabeth Sinclair of Caithness, married Alexander Sinclair.



A Number of Sinclairs were transported to Jamaica:

From the Internet, 4/2001:


SINCLAIR, DUNCAN. Covenanter in Argyll's rebellion. Prisoner in the

Laigh Parliament House, Edinburgh. Banished to the Plantations 31 July

1685. Transported from Leith to Jamaica by John Ewing, August 1685

(PC=Register of the Privy Council of Scotland)


SINCLAIR, JAMES. Age 19. Husbandman. Dunbeth, Caithness. Jacobite in

Cromarty's regiment. Prisoner in Inverness and ships. Transported from

London to Jamaica or Barbados by Samuel Smith, 31 March 1747. (P=Prisoners of the '45) (RM=B. Ransom McBride, "Lists of Scottish Rebel

Prisoners...1746" The North Carolina Genealogical Society Journal (May




John Camden Hotten, ed.,

The Original Lists of Persons of Quality: Emigrants; Religious Exiles;

Political Rebels; Serving Men Sold for a Term of Years; Apprentices;

Children Stolen; Maidens Pressed; and Others Who Went From Great Britain

to the American Plantations 1600-1700 (Baltimore: Genealogical

Publishing Co., Inc., 1983).

Barbadoes - Alphabetical List of Landowners in St. Michael’s

p. 458 – Allex: Sinklaire, 10 acres of land, 1 hired servant, 7 negroes


David Dobson, The Original Scots Colonists of Early America 1612-1783 (Baltimore:

Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1989).


6153. Sinclair, Archibald, res. Stempster Thurso Caithness, d. 1778

Jamaica. (SRO.SH.9.12.1778)

6154. Sinclair, Archibald, merchant, res. Greenock Renfrewshire, sh. Pre

1781, sett. Kingston Jamaica (SRO.RD2.235.39\RD2.236.651)

6155. Sinclair, David, mariner, parent George Sinclair of Barrack, d.

pre 1733 Jamaica, Edin pr1733 CC8.8.95.

6156. Sinclair, Duncan, Covenanter, transported Aug 1685, fr. Leith to

Jamaica. (PC.11.136)

6162. Sinclair, James, b. 1728, husbandman, Jacobite, res. Dunbeath

Caithness, transported 31 Mar 1747, fr. London to Jamaica, in St. George or Carteret, arr. Jamaica 1747. (P.3.315)(PRO.CO.137.58)(MR87)

6171. Sinclair, Margaret, res. Caithness, parents Sir James Sinclair of

Dunbeath, sh. pre 1778, sett. St. Catherine, Middlesex Co., Jamaica. (SRO.RD4.232.906)








                        WRIGHT FAMILY GENERAL



This section includes miscellaneous information on Wrights and other

related families such as Cohen and Roberts.



St Elizabeth & Vere Parish Records:


General Wright/Booth/Cohen Information:

There is no obvious relationship between the extensive Wright family in

the Parish Records and our branche(s), but the main lines are shown



(St E. index 1707-1800: 1224314. Copy Records: 1368561)


A Possible family Line:-


1. Early Wrights:


It is possible that William & Robert were brothers (they were sponsors

at each other's children's baptisms).


Issue of William & Elizabeth Wright, Vere PR:

Son Wright: b. 17121206, ch. 17130108  

Dunston Wright, b. 17131206     (possible father of Rebecca)   

Francis Wright, b. 17151012, ch. 17151115      

William Wright, b. 17180821, ch. 17181002      


Issue of Robert & Judith Wright, Vere PR:

Mary Wright: b. 18/18/1716

Judith Wright: b. 4/11/1718



2. Later Wrights:


From PR & VLO,

James Cooper Wright and Ann had issue:

(seems a long time, were there more or different Anns &/or James)

No record of James's birth.


1/1. William Burt Wright born St E, ch. 2/1/1742

   Parents: James Cooper Wright & Ann (probably correct - 1st son)

   James Wright esq of Shetton Hall Estate, Vere, died 14/9/1806

   Mrs Ann died 1/8/1789 at Lacovia (tombstone still there).


   William Burt Wright bur Lacovia 5/2/1796

   Mrs Frances Wright bur Lacovia 11/9/1800.


   Married: Frances

   Of Enfield, St Elizabeth & Manchester (boundaries moved).


   Issue, ch St E.:

   2/1. James Cooper Wright b 25/10/1776 ch 31/7/1777. Died 2/5/1806  


   2/2. William Burt Wright b 18/7/1782.

         Married 11/3/1817, Frances Brooks (sister of George) in

      Westmoreland, he of Kingston. He died 20/2/1821, drowned in

      bathroom. Buried in Kingston Church, referred to as Merchant of


      In Slave registrations 1826, William Wright was "guardian to his   

      dau Francis Brook Wright" with 1 female slave.

         His estate owned Enfield Pen in 1824 with 190 slaves and no stock    

      (167 & 23 in 1826.

   2/3. Sarah Thorpe Pelgrave Wright (Petgrave in other sources - VLO)  

      born 13/6/1784 St E.

         Married George Brooks of Burnt Ground, 13/4/1807 in Southampton.  

      Jamaica, died 13/6/1855-7, Snowden, Jamaica.     

      3/2. Elizabeth Frances Brooks b 15/7/1808, Burnt Ground. St E.

      3/3. George Brooks, born 3/12/1809, Blenheim, Vere.

      3/4. Nicola Brooks born 11/5/1815, died 12/7/1815 at sea.

      3/5. Sarah Brooks born 26/9/1816, died 6/10/1816, London.

      3/6. Charlotte Augusta Brooks born 14/12/1817, 41 Dorset St,  

         Portman Sq.

   2/4. Robert Benstead Wright b 23/2/1786, died 19/11/1820 (VLO).

         His estate owned Kenilworth Pen (Manchester) 1824 with 85 slaves   

      (1826, 85& 3), and possibly 10 slaves and 4 stock in St E.

   2/5. John McLelan Wright b 13/4/1788, died 1793, bur @ Lacovia, of


   2/6. Edward Wright ch. 3/2/1791.

   2/7. Ezekiel Wright, b 26/11/1792, ch 22/1/1795.

   2/8. Anna Frances Wright b 2/7/1795.

1/2. Mary Frances Wright, b 10/6/1760 ch 31/7/60, St E.

1/3. Robert Bansford Wright b 15/12/1762 ch 29/1/63 St E.

   Partner: Jean Kentish, free mulatto.

   2/1. Mary Wright, born 7/4/1788, ch 13/1/1789.      

   2/2. Ann Frances Wright ch. 4/8/1789 (Miss Ann bur Lacovia 11/1/1792,    

      tombstone still there).                    

   2/3. Nathaniel Wright, ch. 15/7/1791

   2/3. Robert Benstead Wright, born 23/4/1793, died 9/1798, St E (VLO)


Others from PR:

John Wright:  30/9/1731 ex ?? & Wife

Barracilla Wright: 30/11/1751 ex Christopher & Rachel (W'mland)

Elizabeth Wright:  5/3/1753                 ditto

Rachel Wright:         1753                 ditto


Rachel Judith Wright: 8/8/1756  ex Joseph & Elizabeth, St Elizabeth.


Mary Chambers Wright: b 5/5/1758 ch 26/12 ex Edward & Ann

Christopher Bernard Wright: b 19/9/1764 ch 10/4/1765 ex William & Ann

Robert Wright: b 22/10/1786 ex John & Ann

Edward Wright:  b 13/7/1787 ex John & Elizabeth


Mary Wright, 9/1790, d of Andrew W by a negro.

Lewis, 12/8/1795                  )  ex Andrew W & Elizabeth Pables

Mary Chambers 12/7/1799           )        (both white)



Descendants of William Rhodes Petgrave Wright

1. William Rhodes Petgrave Wright was born Abt. 1835.

He married Charlotte Maria Moxam March 02, 1860 in St. Elizabeth by banns. (Source: B0057 St. Elizabeth Parish Register Baptism V & BMB

VI,1845-1871, VI p. 267 #14.). She was born Abt. 1835.


More About William Rhodes Petgrave Wright:

Occupation: 1861, Planter

Residence: 1861, Watchwell, St. Elizabeth

More About Charlotte Maria Moxam:

Residence: 1860, St. Elizabeth

Child of William Wright and Charlotte Moxam is:

2 i. Hubert Ezekiel Wright, born October 12, 1860.

More About Hubert Ezekiel Wright:

Baptism: February 01, 1861, St. Elizabeth (Source: B0057 St. Elizabeth

Parish Register Baptism V & BMB VI,1845-1871, VI, p. 77 #237.)

Residence: 1861, Watchwell




Misc Information:

Maria Wright, negro belonging to Rebecca Wright baptised 8/6/1794


Reference to Marroon Negroes (rebels) William Wright & Hutcheson

Maitland, Lacovia 11/7/1775.


Published in Jamaica Gazette, 1794:

John Wright as superintendant of the Hanover workhouse.


In 1813, a John Wright was one of the named officials at St Elizabeth

Races, 13/11/1813 at Lacovia.


Wills proved in Jamaica:


Alexander Sinclair 1746                 John Sinclair 1741

Andrew Wright      1746                 John Wright   1741, 1745

Bazilla Wright     1746                 Nathaniel Wright 1738

Mary Wright        1748                 Robert Wright    1748





1/1. John Gaul Booth, died 14/1/1807, bur in churchyard in Vere.


   Rachel Judith Wright ch 8/8/1756 of Joseph & Elizabeth, St Elizabeth.          

   She was probably the Rachel Judith whose 3 children by John Gaul

   Booth are included below: it is probable that the rest were also

   Hers: for a possible connection with Andrew Wright see his entry.


   Issue of John Gaul Booth, Vere PR:          

   2/1. George Booth, b 14/12/1773 - by Rachel Judith

   2/2. William Wright Booth, ch 24/1/1777

   2/3. John Gaul Booth, ch 17/7/1780

         Issue of JGB & Rebecca Weakland:

      3/1. George Hayler Booth ch 6/1/1806

      3/2. Josephine Wright Booth b 18080506, ch 18110723

      3/3. Rebecca Mary Booth, b 18100708, ch. 18110723

      3/4. John Gaul Booth, b. 18131125

   2/4. Samuel Booth, ch 19/2/1782

         Married Isabel Sarah Farquar, 13/4/1800, St E. She a widow. 

   2/5. George Booth, ch 28/12/1784

   2/6. Henry Booth, ch 5/6/1785

      Married 24/1/1801 Elizabeth Scott @ Serpentine River nr Mill River  

      dau of Watton(?)

   2/7. Robert Wright Booth, ch 2/10/1790

   2/8. Sarah Godlan Booth, ch 8/8/1792 - by Rachel

   2/9. Frances Wright Booth, b. 18/4/1796, ch 18/4/1796 - by Rachel   







George Roberts married Rebecca Wright, Francis (1) Maitland's sister-in-



Information supplied by Donna (Campbell) Kenny, who descends from George

Roberts by his second wife, Ruth Angell.

Full details of the Roberts Family




Other than George's marriages and the birth of his children we know

nothing of him. No death recorded for him in the family bible. Yet most

of  the information on his children is listed there.  I wonder if he

died in England ? no will in Jamaica (or London PCC) for him either.


Married (1st), 2/11/1816 St John's at Hackney, London:



Daughter of Andrew Wright & Ruth Sinclair (see above).


1/1. Edward Maitland Roberts  b Giddy Hall 15 Aug 1817  bapt St Giles,

   Camberwell 28 Aug 1818.  Died Silvergrove 12 April 1888

1/2. William Allen Roberts  b Cobury Rd, London 23 Nov 1818  bapt St   

   Giles, Camberwell 20 Dec 1818.  Married Mary Carter of Trelawny Ja,   

   17 Feb 1843

1/3. **Rebecca Roberts  b Alverstoke, Hants. 13 July 1820,  bapt  

   Alverstoke, Hampshire 26 Aug 1820 (her father listed as a   

   'gentleman') died Silvergrove, buried St Pauls (Balaclava Ja) 29

   April 1852. Married Edward Angell Esq. Silvergrove 19 Feb 1844

   ** Baptized on the same day as Rebecca were 2 children belonging to  

   William and Ann Roberts, he was listed as 'a Captain in the Royal

   Navy' I wonder if he was a brother of George?

1/4. Georgeanna Roberts b Silvergrove 8 April 1822, bapt St Mark,  

   Kennington, Ldn 6 July 1827  (her father listed as 'merchant')

   (Note by AM: Ann (Wright) Maitland's ygst son bapt at St Mark 1825    

   and she died in Lambeth in 1833).

1/5. George Roberts b 1824-1825


George Roberts married (2nd):

27 Jan 1830  at Lookout, near St Pauls, Balaclava:

Ruth Angell

Born: 13/10/1792.

Parents: John Angell (died circa Nov 1793-Mar 1794) & Mary Wint          

Siblings: Ann b. 1789, & John b. 14 Sept 1791,

John Angell left each child 1000 English pounds sterling.


Issue (all bapt 1840 Lookout, New Hall, Cowick Park):

1/6. Ruth Francis Roberts b  Lookout  30 Oct 1830, died 7/9/1877.

   Married, 8/11/1855:

   Robert McDaniel. The McDaniels lived at "Mt Pleasant", St E.

   2/1. Thomas McDaniel 13 Nov 1856 - 11 Mar 1911 (one of 7)

      Married 21 Jun 1879:

      Emma Clotilda Burrell  1 May 1850 - 11 Jul 1930

      3/1. Robert Vernon McDaniel  6 Mar 1886 - 3 Oct 1959 (1 of 9)


         Vera Sybil Burrell 4 May 1898 - 19 Sept 1977

         4/1. Vera Olive McDaniel

            Married: Donald Spence Campbell

            5/1. Donna Rose Campbell (now Kenny), born 1946.

 1/7. Mary Ann Roberts b Lookout, 29 Jan 1832

1/8. John Angell Roberts b Silvergrove 9 May 1833

1/9. Elizabeth Hester Roberts b Lookout 21 Jan 1834

1/10. girl   b Lookout Nov 1835-Dec 2

1/11. Emma Victoria Roberts b 9 June 1837

    Married: Frederick Hendriks: The Hendriks at "Ivy Cottage" near



Dictionary of Place-Names in Jamaica (extracts) Inez Knibb Sibley

(Institute of Jamaica 1978).

Chew Magna, in St Elizabeth, near Balaclava, was named by the

Roberts Family after the place in Keynsham, England from which

they came.







The Cohen family is of interest because Rebecca Wright (Francis 1

Maitland's mother) made bequests in her will to nephews and nieces named



There were many Cohens in the parish records of the early part of the

19thC, but there were none except for Hyman who were related to our

family (at 11/2000).


Slaves Manumitted, 14/1/1825, Charles Wright, £80, Solomon Cohen


Parish Records, St Elizabeth


                       Born     Bapt.  


Cohen   Morris Joseph    18070101 18090924      David   Ann Thompson               

Reputed issue, she a negro.

Cohen   Elizabeth               17980303        David   Catherine Smith        

She a Negro, ch abt 3 yrs

Cohen   Elinor Vassal    18140222 18141218      Abraham S.  Elizabeth Salmon   

At Black River, she a quadroon.

Cohen   Hyman   17881225  17910000 David Leah Wright     Reputed issue

Cohen   David   17921212  17930414 David Leah Wright     Reputed issue

Cohen   Henrietta        18060907 At Black River, a Mestise

Cohen   Joseph           18071004 Adult negros at Black River

Cohen   Thomas           18071004 Adult negros at Black River

Cohen   Frederick H      18120922       Child of colour

Cohen   James Benstead   18160505                      


Cohen David married 17150327 Smith  Mary Ann, he a mulatto, at the Rukes


From Richard Lyman (descendant of Hyman below):

From Jewish Records.


Moses Cohen: (1734-1831):

1/1. Rebecca Cohen, married David Alexander.

1/2. Samuel Cohen, b. abt 1760, married Rachel Buzaglo.

1/3. Hyman Cohen: born 1761, Jamaica, died 27/2/1845, London

   Married: Zepporah Isaacs (1769-5/1/1848), abt 6/1790, London

   2/1. David Hyman Cohen: born abt 1805, died 28/4/1877.

   Married, 1st: Unknown

   Married, 2nd: 3/10/1860, Miriam Joseph, born 19/3/1820, died

   16/3/1894, London.                          

1/4. Henry Cohen: (1762-1817), married Esther & maybe Hatty Levy.

1/5. Judah Cohen: (1768-1838), married Grace da Costa



Jamaican Family Search

Genealogy Research Library



(all the following data was extracted from the St Elizabeth Parish

Records and found on the internet)


1/1. A. Cohen, born Abt. 1782.

   2/1. Catherine Cohen, born October 03, 1807.

      Baptism: August 28, 1808, St. Elizabeth (PR.): Mestize


Descendants of Abraham Cohen

1/1. Abraham Cohen, born Abt. 1816.

Married: Rose Anne Chranstone June 12, 1841 in St. Elizabeth (PR.) Banns


She was born Abt. 1816.

1841, Abraham Coyen @ Cashew, St. Elizabeth

1841, Rose Chranstone @ Slipe, St. Elizabeth



Descendants of Abraham S. Cohen

1/1. Abraham S. Cohen, born Abt. 1789.

   Partner: Elizabeth Salmon, born Abt. 1789, Quadroon

   2/1. Eleanor Vassal Cohen, born July 22, 1814.

      Ch: December 18, 1814, St. Elizabeth (PR)


1/1. Charles Alfred Ernest Cohen born 1862.

Baptism: April 12, 1863, St. Elizabeth (PR.), aged 8 mths.



Descendants of David Cohen

1/1. David Cohen, born 1790. mulatto

Married Mary Ann Smith (b abt 1790) March 27, 1815 in St. Elizabeth (PR)

Marriage banns: 1815



David Cohen: born 1839.

Baptism: April 30, 1843, St. Elizabeth (PR) aged 3 1/2. Res: 1843, Lower



Diana Cohen: born 1774, died October 1846. Aged 72.

Burial: October 1846, Cashew, St. Elizabeth (PR)



1/1. David Cohen: born Abt. 1763. He met Leah Wright, born Abt. 1763.

   2/1. Hyman Cohen, born December 25, 1788.

      Bapt: August 07, 1791, St. Elizabeth (PR) "reputed son of"



1/1. Edward Cohen: born Abt. 1811.

   1836, Apprentice to Giddy Hall, St. Elizabeth

   Married Eliza Harris (b abt 1811) September 25, 1836 in St. Elizabeth


   1836, Apprentice to Hodges, St. Elizabeth

   Marriage banns: 1836


1/1. Eleanor Cohen: born 1785, died March 1855, aged 70.

   Burial: March 30, 1855, Comfort Hall, Manchester Register. (PR)

   Residence: 1855, Comfort Hall



1/1. Elizabeth Cohen: born October 1855.

Baptism: April 09, 1856, St. Elizabeth (PR)


1/1. Elizabeth A. Cohen: born January 1848.

Bapt: May 14, 1848, Manchester (PR)


1/1. Esther Cohen: born Bef. August 13, 1838.

Baptism: August 13, 1838, Manchester as infant (PR)

Residence: 1838, Quebec


1/1. Frederick Hambersley Cohen: born September 22, 1812,

   Baptism: January 28, 1816, St. Elizabeth, child of colour.  

   Residence: 1840, Black River, St. Elizabeth

   died Bef. April 30, 1843.

   Married Ann Salmon (B abt 1815) September 13, 1840 in St. Elizabeth


   Residence: 1840, Gales Luana, St. Elizabeth

   Residence (2): 1843, Lower Works

   Marriage banns: 1840

   2/1. Frederick Cohen, born April 26, 1841.

   Baptism: April 30, 1843, St. Elizabeth. Father already deceased. (PR)



1/1. George Cohen: born Abt. 1828.

   Occupation: 1853, Laborer.  Religion: 1853, Rock Hall

   Married Diana (Cohen), born Abt. 1828.

   2/1. Rosanna Gatain Cohen, born May 13, 1853.

      Baptism: April 15, 1855, St. Elizabeth (PR)


1/1. Harris Cohen was born Abt. 1825.

   Naturalization: Bet. 1854 - 1860, Laborer

   Residence: Bet. 1854 - 1860, Mony Musk


He met (1) Amelia Walters Bef. 1850. She was born Abt. 1825.

He met (2) Sarah Bennett Bef. 1859. She was born Abt. 1834.


Children of Harris Cohen and Amelia Walters are:

2/2 i. Lucretia Gardiner Cohen, born August 14, 1850.

Baptism: June 09, 1854, Vere

2/3 ii. Mary Ann Cohen, born December 16, 1852.

Baptism: June 09, 1854, Vere


Child of Harris Cohen and Sarah Bennett is:

2/4 i. Susan Cohen, born June 15, 1859.

Baptism: March 11, 1860, Vere

Residence: 1860, Monymusk


1/1. Henrietta Cohen was born Bef. September 07, 1806.

Baptism: September 07, 1806, Black River, St. Elizabeth (PR): Mestize


1/1. Henry Cohen was born 1796, and died December 1846, Age: 50 years

Burial: December 17, 1846, New burial ground, Black River, St. Elizabeth

Occupation: 1846, Domestic

Residence: 1846, Black River, St. Elizabeth


1/1. Henry Cohen was born Bef. December 18, 1814.

Baptism: December 18, 1814, St. Elizabeth (PR)

Fact: "belonging to Miss E. Salmon", Slave


1/1. Jacob Cohen was born Abt. 1782.

He met Ann Thompson. She was born Abt. 1782.

Occupation: 1809, Slave "belonging to Mary Hook", Negro

Child of Jacob Cohen and Ann Thompson is:

2 i. Morris Joseph Cohen, born January 01, 1807.

Baptism: September 24, 1809, Black River, St. Elizabeth (PR) Fact:

"reputed son"


1/1. James Cohen was born Abt. 1800.

He met Frances Sampson. She was born Abt. 1800.

Child of James Cohen and Frances Sampson is:

2 i. James Cohen, born 1825.

Baptism: January 02, 1831, Vere aged 6.: Quadroon


1/1. James Benstead Cohen was born Bef. May 05, 1816.

Baptism: May 05, 1816, St. Elizabeth (PR)

Occupation: 1842, Saddler: Child of color

Residence: 1842, Middle Quarters, St. Elizabeth


  He married Valeria Dennys Pight September 21, 1839 in St. Elizabeth


  She was born Abt. 1814.

  Residence: 1839, St. Elizabeth

  Marriage banns: 1839 Married by Revd. J. Kerr


Child of James Cohen and Valeria Pight is:

2 i. William Cohen, born November 05, 1841.

Baptism: February 20, 1842, St. Elizabeth


1/1. Joseph Cohen was born Bef. September 22, 1807.

Baptism: September 22, 1807, St. Elizabeth (PR), Free Negro


1/1. Joseph Cohen was born Abt. 1824.

Occupation: 1849, Laborer

Residence: 1849, Retreat

He married Nancy Thomas. She was born Abt. 1824.


Child of Joseph Cohen and Nancy Thomas is:

2 i. Mary Eliza Cohen, born November 26, 1849.

Baptism: July 12, 1850, Manchester (PR)


1/1. Leah Cohen was born 1766.

Baptism: February 19, 1826, St. Elizabeth (PR) aged abt 60, Black

Residence: 1826, Shacklock


1/1. Leah W. Cohen was born August 03, 1837.

Baptism: May 13, 1838, St. Elizabeth (PR)

Residence: 1838, Spring Garden



1/1. Lewis Cohen was born 1785, died April 1855, aged 70.

Burial: April 15, 1855, Comfort Hall, Manchester (PR)

Residence: 1855, Comfort Hall, Manchester


1/1. Mr. Cohen. A jew.

He met Ann McLean, Free quadroon

Children of Mr. Cohen and Ann McLean are:

2 i. Rebecca Cohen, born 1804.

Age: 1810, 6 years

Baptism: September 13, 1810, Trelawny aged 6 (PR)

3 ii. Mary Cohen, born May 25, 1808.

Baptism: September 13, 1810, Trelawny (PR)

4 iii. James Cohen, born February 08, 1810.

Baptism: September 13, 1810, Trelawny (PR)


1/1. Nathaniel Cohen was born June 20, 1842.

Baptism: November 13, 1842, Manchester (PR)

Residence: 1842, The Isle


1/1. Prudence Cohen was born March 1836.

Baptism: August 28, 1836, St. Elizabeth (PR)

Residence: 1836


1/1. Rachael Cohen was born June 1841.

Baptism: May 08, 1842, Vere (PR)

Residence: 1842, Kemps Hill


Rebecca Cohen

1/1. Rebecca Cohen was born September 08, 1839.

Baptism: November 13, 1842, Manchester (PR)

Residence: 1842, Hill Side


1/1. Samuel Cohen was born Abt. 1841.

Occupation: Bet. 1867 - 1868, Planter

Residence: Bet. 1867 - 1868, Lincoln

He married Mary (Cohen). She was born Abt. 1841.


Children of Samuel Cohen and Mary (Cohen) are:

2 i. Joseph Alexander Cohen, born November 16, 1866.

Baptism: February 03, 1867, Manchester (PR)

3 ii. Mary Cohen, born Bef. August 07, 1868.

Baptism: August 07, 1868, Manchester


1/1. Thomas Cohen was born Bef. 1789.

Age: 1807, Adult

Baptism: October 04, 1807, St. Elizabeth (PR), Free Negro



1/1. Thomas Cohen was born Abt. 1810.

Occupation 1: 1838, Apprentice

Occupation 2: 1850, Laborer

Residence: 1835, Stones Hope

Residence (2): 1838, Hope

Residence (3): Bet. 1847 - 1850, Marley Hill


He married Marley (Cohen). She was born Abt. 1810.

Fact: Name spelled Molly on Jessy's baptismal record, and Margaret on

Mary Ann's.

Children of Thomas Cohen and Marley (Cohen) are:

2 i. Jessy Cohen, born Bef. August 09, 1835.

Baptism: August 09, 1835, Manchester

3 ii. George Cohen, born Bef. July 21, 1838.

Age: July 1838, Infant

4 iii. Eliza Cohen, born April 18, 1847.

Baptism: June 13, 1847, Manchester

5 iv. Thomas Swaby Cohen, born December 22, 1849.

Baptism: April 19, 1850, Manchester

6 v. Mary Ann Cohen, born October 25, 1852.

Baptism: May 15, 1853, Manchester








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