Robb here - I suppose the best course of action would be to locate the Fitzhugh family records and those of the Rappahannock merchants. The (Douglas of) Mains in question was southeast of Glasgow I believe, in Lanarkshire. I can't remember where i found that deposition regarding John Scot, but I will try to check that out next wednesday. Apparently, Alexander became a tenant of one of William Fitzhugh's children by around 1706, so I'm wondering where he was until then. [steve here - i suspect he was serving out his 4 yr indenture from 1698-1702. Jean suspects this was in Richmond County, Va. I'm told this Richmond County is not near Richmond, the city. But further west. Will look into this. Perhaps he stayed in this area 'til 1706. I'm going to contact researchers in Richmond the City and Richmond the county to see if we can find any records of indenture, dwelling, tax or otherwise, there. Many records from all the counties are in the capital city of Richmond.]