By Rob - The Loyalty was a ship owned out of Liverpool by Richard Horton, a merchant and alderman of that city. There is a petition from William Clayton and Thomas Johnson, on behalf of Liverpool merchants, to allow six ships to travel to Virginia, carrying perishable bee, servants, and passengers, which they picked up in Ireland. The Loyalty, Henry Brown master, is among the shipd listed.

List by Stan - Held on microfilm at Liverpool Record Office from Liverpool Councils's Town Books, Liverpool list of Emigrants,

The names of the Servants that goes to Virginia in "YE LOYALTY",
CAPTAIN HENRY BROWNE, Commander-Oct. 19, 1698

RALPH KETTLE of Warmingham in Cheshire. 4 yeares

ROBERT TONGUE of Haweth neare Manchester, 4 yeares

JOHN THRELFALL of Preston, gardiner, 4 yeares

CHARLES ELLIS of Maccclesfield, 5 yeares

ALEXANDER TINKLER of Glascow, 4 yeares

JOHN WRIGHT of Middlesex, 4 yeares

WILLIAM TAYLOR of Scarbrick, 8 yeares

JAMES STREETE, Tenn yeares

THOMAS WALKER of Ashton under Line, 5 yeares

DAVID TAYLOR of Mottram in Cheshire, 8 yeares

JOHN BEECHAM of Chester, 4 yeares

JOHN WALKER of Ashton under Line, 5 yeares

GEORGE LOW of Gawsworth in Cheshire, Tenn yeares

GEORGE BRASFIELD, Eleaven yeares

JOHN CARNEAGEE of Aberdeene in Scotland, 4 yeares

CHARLES TAYLOR of Mottram in Cheshire, 7 yeares

JOHN HARRISON of Ashton under Line, 7 yeares

ROBERT BOWER of Macclesfield in Cheshire, 7 yeares

JAMES BOULDER of Augettree in Shropshire, 4 yeares

JOHN DOBSON of Bolton in Lancashire, 4 yeares

EDWARD THORNICROFT of Sutton in Cheshire, 5 yeares

THOMAS MARLAND of Ashton under Line, 7 yeares

HUMPHREY HOWELL of Merionethshire, 4 yeares

JOHN DAVIES of Denbighshire, grocer, 4 yeares

EDWARD PERRY of Denbighshire, 4 yeares

THOMAS UPTON, of Presberry in Cheshire, Term yeares

JOHN WYNN of Ruthin in Denbizhshire, 5 yeares

JONATHAN CLARK of Little Mosse in Lancashire, 7 yeares

NATHANIEL TAYLOR of Mottram in Cheshire, 9 yeares

MATTHEW MARTIN of Presberry in Cheshire, Eleaven yeares

JOSEPH TROUGHWEARE of Cresby in Cumberland, Tayler, 4 yeares

WILLIAM KITCHEN of Erton in Cumberland, Tayler, 4 yeares

JOYCE COOPER of Carnarvonshire, 4 yeares

HENRY BOLT of Carlisle, 4 yeares

THOMAS WILDING of Litchfield: apprentice to WM. BUSHELL

Meate of "YE LOYALTY", to serve in Virginea HENRY JEANE of ... 5 yeares.......

JA: BARTON apprentice to JAMES HAWKSHAW, to Montserrat, 4 yeares

Unfortunately, Alexander's name was copied as "Tinkler". Perhaps your researcher could get a real copy from Liverpool. Apparently, the S somewhat resembled a "T"... at some point, we will get the original and copy it.