We do not know where Wayman married. This is why I would like so much to find those old church records if they exist. Wayman's four sisters married in Stafford County between 1740-1751. Which church I would not know but I really would try to start with the Episcopal.

Wayman's son, George Sinclair, was married to Martha Palmer in Shelburn Parish in Loudoun County, Va. in 1775 by Rev. David Griffith, Episcopal minister. This record was found in the Virginia State Archives in the marriage book of that minister. I do not think it contained any other of our line.

Wayman & his second wife, Hester, lived in her home in Cameron Parish - Loudoun County - when he died in 1762 (if I recall correctly). We do not know where he married her or where he married the first wife __________ Shirley. A Shirley researcher thinks that the Shirleys were Baptists. She says there were Baptist records in that area at that time.

NOTE TO GEORGE: The book was Sinkler-Sinclair-St. Clair Military Records - UPDATE 1993. You may already have it.