The sugar connection may yet result in 
somehow connecting us to records that 
mention our Alexander. 

This was from a database of sugar 
refiners and bakers over time. 

Sugar Refiners & Sugarbakers Database

  BOGLE   George  - Easter Sugar Works      Glasgow       1669           Hutcheson
  BOGLE   Robert  - Easter Sugar Works      Glasgow       1736           Hutcheson

From Allison (my Sterling researcher - 
Don't know how far you investigated the sugar website, but on the
Gourock/Port Glasgow street plan there is a Bogle Street marked!  So I guess
as these two towns were the major ports for Glasgow at this time Mr Bogle
was active there too.  The Easter Sugar House in Glasgow I had already found
in the Bogle index in the Glasgow archives, but it appears to be a passing
reference and so far I haven't found any major records for it.