I think it's time to begin organizing this thing differently. It's gettin too large and somewhat confusing. I'll be trying to figure that out in all my free time.

Contact info for the group.

What we know 1st person
published research Theories Directions to chase
Jean Grigsby facts Steve's commissioned
research in Glasgow, Edinburgh 2002
Jean Grigsby's notes Scottish naming traditions The Scott family, the indenture
The hole we're trying to fill may only be one generation wide. Roland William's "Sinclairs of the Isles" (lines we may connect to) Rob Goff's work in Kentucky Alexander's mentioned, but not claimed, Roland William St. Clair "SaintClairs of the Isles" The Kerr family, connections in Scotland and Va.
Rob Goff's Connections to Jamaica Sinclairs Steve's Covenanter Trial records, 1655 - 1688 Dane Love's "Scottish Covenanter Stories" Bogle Sugar connections The Covenanters
Known connections Steve's Sassine Records of Glasgow Everything you ever wanted to know about tobacco Other sugar connections The Wayman family of Maryland
Steve's Renfrewshire Poll Tax 1695 Bogle Crossings fr. Scotland Whitehaven tobacco records
Steve's Burgess & Brethren of Glasgow 1608 - 1723 Kerr crossings from Scotland Rob Goff's Jacobite theories
Rob's Stevenson research Stevenson Peerage - incomplete Known wills to examine
Rob - Scot and Baptist thoughts Stan's Darian thoughts.
Darien Document Did Alex make multiple crossings?
Jean updates the Marriages of Wayman's brother John Bogle Papers research in Scotland Carnegie Crossing 1698, Loyalty Stan's Virginia Company thoughts
Jean on Alex will Ship passengers on Loyalty from Stan Many Carnegie connections
Barbados book Assery connections
First report on wills in Scotland

Second report on wills in Scotland

Stevenson Line fr. Burke's
Recent Research in Va Bogle agents Lockhart connections
Bogle's ships Fitzhugh's to check into
Still more Va research Alex s. John's will from Stan
Rob on John Scot's will & related families Wayman's will transc. by Stan
Jean on the Wayman - Holtzclaw connection
Sometimes, it ain't what you can prove, it's what you can dis-prove Chasing the churches
Rob condenses Hayden's Virginia Genealogies Bogle Family Trees (2) Rob on Stevensons Wayman name in Scotland
Tobacco Traders Full list, Stevenson marriages Exciting new direction from Rob.
Rosslyn papers, report #1 Yet another new direction from Rob.
Wedderburn Letters Foster Cunliffe Letters 1738
Directed OPR searches Yet another new direction from Rob.