The St. Clair engrailed cross, the Auchinleck Manuscript and our full history take on far greater meaning thanks to DNA testing

The First Comprehensive St. Clair / Sinclair DNA Report

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Welcome to the St. Clair Sinclair DNA Project
DNA-strandOver the coming months, you'll see new pages here with the latest updates. Click here for an overview welcoming message. Click links to left to see the full report on our family study.
Herdmanston St. Clairs, a Mystery No More 
Sinclair DNA CaithnessThe first of our family in recorded Scottish history came from Normandy and received land at Herdmanston from the de Morville family. Now, we know their living descendants. Click Here >>
Update on Our Z1+, Z346* Caithness Lineage 
Sinclair DNA CaithnessA well-known Sinclair has tested positive for the Z346* SNP and he's got a paper trail that might prove ancient connections. Read the joint report by Shawn Sinclair & Steve St. Clair Click Here >>
Hay, Saint-Clair, and origins of Rosslyn Sinclairs
Sinclair DNABrian Dreadon, author and genealogist, has an interesting theory on the origins of the Sinclairs of Rosslyn. And he corrects some misconceptions along the way. Click Here >>
A Confluence of Surnames - SNP Connections
Sinclair DNAOur R-L193 SNP study and STR matches are connecting surnames from records in Medieval England. Click here to explore the extensive research. Click Here >>
Many Thanks to Our Research Partners
sinclair_dnaIt's impossible to imagine covering so much history without the help and inspiration of many friends along the way. That list is growing, as you'll see here. Thanks so much to all of you. Click Here >>

News Update

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